Sunday, March 28, 2010

Maine March Sunday Sunrise

Final Edit of this post, and it's a record setting Wednesday morning:  As we begin this day, we still have some shower activity in our region and parts of the state are still seeing rain, but the weather guys tell us the end is near and we could even see some sunshine by late this afternoon.  But we have set a record for March rainfall.  The weather folk tell us the previous March wetness record was 9.97 inches and this month at least 11.06 had fallen by the time we got up this morning and could grow a little more until our shower/rain activity abandons us later today.  (How about the record in South Berwick?  19.6 inches of rain this month.)

This is also the last Wednesday of the month and my group of fellow retirees is scheduled for our monthly lunch session.  But as our lunch time arrives, so will ticket give-aways for tomorrow's visit of President Obama to Portland.  It'll be interesting to see if any of our group foregoes our session to stand in line for the free tickets which will be handed out this morning.  The line began forming at midnight.  I'm not in it and won't be so I'll be at the restaurant.  I must say, though, if I still had kids and there were a parade route, my kids and I would probably be along side the road.  I'm not an Obama fan, but I still have great respect for the office of the Presidency and would take the opportunity to let my kids see a President. 

And thus ends the updates of this stormy post.

Edited Tuesday morning:  The weather forecasters continue to be correct.  We do have rain again today, but the winds have shifted to the northeast.  Flooding could be a major problem before this day is done.  But we're offered some hope.  Much nicer weather is heading our way and the sun could return tomorrow with some areas hitting temperatures in the 80s this coming weekend.  (We here on the coast will be cooler, possibly in the 70s, though.)

Edited Monday morning:  The warning yesterday's red sky in the morning delivered has come to pass.  On this Monday morning, as all the forecasters said it would, rain, sometimes heavy, is engulfing our region.

With a Sou'Easter rain storm bearing down on us for Monday and Tuesday, we awoke in Maine this Sunday morning, March 28th, to a beautiful sunrise.  Heavy rain predicted for Monday and Tuesday, but possible record breaking warmth this coming weekend.


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