Thursday, March 4, 2010

A reply

My Fearless Friend left a comment at the end of my previous post saying he looked but saw nothing new.  I asked him what he meant and he referred to my last paragraph:  "I'm not sure if I'm signalling here a return to regular posts or I'm just replacing some dated picture ones of the beginning of the month. I guess we'll just have to see what happens."

Nothing has happened.  I've only posted a couple of pictures and just a couple very short narratives in the last six weeks or so.  There are so many things I'd like to offer comments about, but right now I'm not ready to jump back into the daily routine.  Writing a daily blog on real issues takes a lot of time if one wants to fairly accurately indicate a position.

For example, earlier this year I had taken what I considered to be a strong stand against the government's health reform activities.  In order to form a position, I had to do considerable reading of various sources, including parts of the 2700 page document itself.  That bill which the Democrats now say they're going to force through Congress rather quickly before most of the members have to return home to their local primaries and caucuses.  It is still a very, very bad bill that is going to cost Americans infinitely more through taxation and fees than they realize and the government's takeover will cut our access to health care dramatically.

National polls, as you know, show that the majority of American are opposed to this reform and the Democrats, seeing what happened in New Jersey, Massachusetts, and elsewhere know they are facing the possibility of being replaced in the coming elections.  Yet they prod on.

Here in Maine we have our own primaries coming in June.  Huge, I mean HUGE, bond issues will be on the ballot leaving future generations in even further tax debt.  We won't know until the middle of this month who might survive the petitions and actually appear on the primary ballot for governor.  Right now there's a lot of good people trying to get there.  There may even be one or two I'm not sure are good for us trying, also.

The shift and shaft tax reform package will also be on the ballot.  There'll also be many local questions and positions up for decisions.

I've only tapped some of the more obvious issues to show that the fodder for regular posts is there.

And, of course, the regular lives of the Gator Clan continue.  We can almost always find a picture of our pride and joy, Gator Golden, to share with you.

I haven't mentioned since her ordeal the progress of Gator Wife who underwent breast cancer surgery several weeks ago.  I'm pleased to say that she has completed her radiation treatment and, except for a little discomfort, is back to near normal activity.  Fatigue that resulted from the radiation is slowly dissipating and we've already planned a summer vacation trip.  She does face five years of medication.

So the decision is still out on whether to resume and to what extent to resume.  And that, my Fearless Friend, is an answer to your comment.



Anonymous said...

....And a fine answer it is...!


GiM said...

Thanks, FF. We'll know the future when it gets here.