Tuesday, March 2, 2010


The month of March has arrived, and it came in with a whimper on the Gator Homestead.  The weather gods tried to give us some nasty stuff, but they failed miserably.  There's virtually no evidence it has snowed this winter on the area we call home.

Isn't there some old adage about how March arrives resulting in how it leaves?  I guess that might hint we're still in for some miserable weather as the month began with that lamb stuff.  I recall in the middle of February when much of the East Coast was being shut down by snow and we continued with sunny skies and above average temperatures that Gator Wife said, "Just wait until after March 15."  I'd add that she does pretty well with weather prognostications.

Sometime this month, the Old Gator Dude moves into another year.  That will put things back into their proper perspective.  For a few short minutes, my Fearless Friend had inched closer.

I'm not sure if I'm signalling here a return to regular posts or I'm just replacing some dated picture ones of the beginning of the month.  I guess we'll just have to see what happens.


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Hummmm. Nothing has happened yet.