Saturday, March 20, 2010

March is moving right along

A weekend again.  It just seems like the weeks are flying by; and the one thing I've noticed the most is that the older I get the faster the time zips by.

Here in Southern Maine the first day of spring has brought perhaps the nicest weather we've had so far this year; and this years has been absolutely loaded with nice weather.  It began last month and hasn't really let up except for an occasional "cool" day and a monster of a rain storm.  But we haven't seen snow in our little area for a month and a half or longer.

The second half of the weekend, though, changes it all for a very short while.  Significantly cooler, almost all the way down to a normal 42 or 43 degrees.  The drop from the 60s will be felt.  Rain will also be here for the early part of the workweek and at least one weatherman hinted the state's mountains could get some snow.

I'm enjoying the NCAA championship basketball tourney, but there are some things I don't truly understand.  Why aren't the vaious regional early rounds somewhere in the region playing?  Why is the part of the early West Regional in Buffalo, NY, for example?  East Regional teams have had to travel out west.  In my tiny mind, it would save each college money in travel expenses if the games were in their own neighborhoods.

Florida, sort of a southern school, was in the West Regional.  Why not the Southern one?  The Gators were eliminated in the first game, but being in the West had nothing to do with that.  I had told a friend that the Gators never should have been in the tourney and their early departure was no surprise, except, perhaps, for the diehards.

I know the schools are assigned playoff divisions to try to even out the games, but the situation doesn't make any sense to me.  Rather than calling the divisions by geographic names, perhaps just finding a way to give the them some other common name would make it less confusing.

Of course there's always the possibility I'm the only confused one.


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