Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The weather stops the Old Gator Dude

If you have read my stuff in the past, you know that Tuesdays and Thursdays are my days for some Senior Fitness sessions at a local physical therapy establishment.  I didn't get there today.  I didn't even leave my home to try.  The storms and thus low pressure system we've experienced for the past three days all caused my bones and other innards to balk this morning.  Simply stated, I'm hurting.  So I stayed home.

Those storms wreaked havoc in some parts of southern Maine, especially along the Maine-New Hampshire border.  The town of South Berwick, according to the morning television news, hit the jackpot with 9.67 inches of rain.  Roads and bridges were closed between the two states as well as local roads and bridges.  We here in my place received about three and half inches.  Flooding is still pretty heavy in all of Northern New England.

What goes around comes around, as they say.  When I was growing up and even in much of my adult years here, a local television station and the local newspapers were owned by the same family.  The FCC forced the breakup of such ownerships several years ago and so the Portland newspapers and the TV station parted ways.  WGAN TV became WGME and was no longer part of the newspaper.

This morning, both MediaToday, the new owner of the newspapers, and WGME announced the formation of a new joint sharing of news, sport aqnd weather.  In fact, the weather today on the MediaToday.com website was provided by WGME.  Both groups say they believe the new partnership will provide each with better and more and better coverage.  We'll see.  The remain separate entities, however.

Beautiful, gorgeous sunny day here this morning and it's supposed to get better as the week progresses.  I'm selfish.  I hope it dries out my bones and gets me back into the swing.


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