Friday, March 12, 2010

Maybe a wet March weekend

The second week in March is ending and a new one is upon us.  One minor or, depending on one's point of view, major event happened this past week.  The Old Gator Dude entered another year. 

Gator Golden will be a little anxious with us Sunday when the month's third week gets underway.  Because our little holding brings out many night critters, including those black and white pussies, we don't let GG head outside before daylight.  I suspect in a fair fight, she could hold her own against a skunk, but that guy has one really awful defense weapon.  I don't want to smell it all day in the house.

So, since we move the clocks ahead before we head to bed Saturday night, it'll still be dark, possibly very dark, when GG needs to go outside.  She'll be patient, I suspect, when Gator Wife tells her to lie down until daylight.  She will let out a groaning message of displeasure, however.

Depending on what part of our state you're in, we'll either see rain Sunday, possibly a lot of it, or none at all.  The temperatures in week three will super though, as we'll possibly be in the 50s several days. 

Spring is only a week away, but for many of us in Maine it actually arrived a while back.

We have many trees on our property and most of them both hide us from passersby and activities on other property from us.  We're basically loners, I guess, and we like it this way.  However, a big rain/wind storm several days ago took down two big evergreen trees that were on the property line.

The mess has been cleaned up and thanks to the town's free storm debris disposal policy, we had a good place take them.  But now there's a huge gap on the line.  We can now see the house on the next property and beyond it to the street on which we live.  Our home is way off the street so traffic noise still won't bother us; but it is a sight we haven't experienced since we moved into this house.

It'll take getting used to.

Enjoy your weekend.  And don't forget to change your clocks.


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