Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A fun time is upon us

We are in a time of absolutely beautiful weather.  Tuesday was simply gorgeous with abundant sunshine and temperatures 15 to 20 degrees above normal.  Several places in Maine set new high temperature for the date records with Bangor leading the way.  Bangor's 60 degrees broke a previous record set in 1927.  Even the Old Gator Dude wasn't around for that one.

And our great temperatures are expected to continue through the weekend with the exception of Thursday when a Canadian low front is expected to drag some clouds through the state.  It will continue to be warm, though, and no precipitation is expected.

Tuesday I complained about how the weather had affected my own body, even causing a rare missing of my Tuesday senior fitness session.  But by the end of the day, the weekend front had pulled far, far away and this old body recovered during the day.  All was normal Wednesday morning.

I guess the Portland Pirates, our local minor league hockey team, fans are in a happy time, or at least will be once the official announcement is made, that the team will remain here.  There had been speculation for the past few weeks that the team would move to Albany, NY. 

National health care remains a hot topic.  It looks like there'll be a lot on it to mention this week.  It is a terrible bill and even the Democrats, who are pushing it through on a procedural trickery, haven't read it and don't know what's in it.  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made a most interesting comment awhile ago.  She said the Democrats have to pass the bill to learn what's in it.  Seems to me this is putting the cart before the horse.  If they read it first, it wouldn't stand a chance. 

Americans all across the country who already know more of the bill's contents than the Congressional Democrats are beginning to realize how this will destroy our health care and the people are more and more urging the defeat of the so-called reform bill.  I think the Democrats trickery could come back to bite them in November.

Tiger Woods will be returning to golf at the Masters in Augusta, GA, next month.  It might be interesting to see how he does. 

Here in Maine, the campaigning for November's governor's election is swinging into ultra high gear.  We have primaries in June to select the Democrat and Republican nominees.  Five Republicans and four Democrats will be on the ballot.  Governor John Baldacci is term limited out and isn't allowed to run again this year.

The fun in both Washington and Augusta continues.  And Spring springs Saturday.  We're in for a real fun time.


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