Friday, July 17, 2009

A vacation ends!

All “vacations” must come to an end, so ‘they’ tell me. Technically, I might say that vacations don’t really end until the vacationer has to return to work. But in reality, it ends when the last normal work day ends and the weekend becomes just another weekend. And so it is with Gator Wife. She decided after she retired from her full time job that she wanted to keep busy so took a part time position in a local market.

We have for many years taken the week which contains her birthday off and, along with other vacation time, used it to travel around the United States. The economy changed that last year, at least as far as travelling is concerned, but we continue the tradition of her birthday week being vacation week. She gets more than one week off in that part time job of hers, but she takes the rest of it as days from time to time.

So, vacation week 2009 is ending. She’d say it was a good week as we got a lot of work done around the house, including ridding the place of some furniture and stuff, really old stuff, that should have been eliminated many, many years ago. None of it had been used at least since we moved to our present home about 15 years ago and probably for many years before that.

I’m not sure I’d agree that working in a vacation week is a good week. After all, we threw away stuff that one ever knows if it just might be just the thing we need somewhere down the road. And now we’ll never know.

We did get in a few hours of a drive around Southern Maine. That was a nice trip which got us away from the house for a little while. We had thought we wouldn’t take Gator Golden with us, even though like most dogs she loves to ride and be included, because we don’t leave her alone in the car. She wouldn’t do any damage, but she’s so darn friendly she'd gladly go with anyone who got the door open.

We took her and she was as good as gold. When we stopped for lunch, we sacrificed and GW brought the food outside where GG and I were waiting and ate there.

I guess the only hard part of a stay-at-home vacation is I didn’t get an excuse to take time off from my senior fitness sessions and went to both scheduled ones. Maybe next year I’ll take the attitude that it’s vacation week and skip them. Naw! I could never bring myself to do that. We all know a regular routine that makes the body do things is good.

I was tempted to comment on the new government health care program being forced upon us by the Democrats in Congress. But I don’t want to end on such a down note. That program will end up being the absolute worst thing the Obama administration can do to us and it is going to cost you infinitely more than what you’re now paying for health care. I hope all of you take the time to look at it and see how disastrous it is. Just the idea of having a bureaucrat between me and my doctor scares the devil out of me. Heckuva way not to end on a downer, isn’t it?

I’ll pick a different, milder downer. New England governors have joined together to seek federal stimulus money to add high speed railroad travel through the region. I love taking the train as I’ve said in the past. I’ve also expressed disapproval with the stimulus spending money. But Congress has created it along with the biggest national debt in history, so trains might as well get some of it.

It’s a good thing no one ever criticized President Bush about the size of the national debt his administration created, isn’t it?


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