Saturday, July 18, 2009

Just another weekend. Will Summer begin at last?

This weekend was off to a rather damp start. Damp? Shucks, a soaking wet start. But the rain has already seemed to have left us and the radar Saturday morning hinted the quarter inch we got may be all we'll get. This could be what could be the start of some summer weather at last. It also begins the Gator Clan’s return to whatever is normal around here as we have our vacation time behind us.

The rain will probably keep Gator Daughter away Saturday even if that sun shows up as expected later in the day. The ground will be wet and we really don’t need a couple of soggy doggies running around in the house.

The Sunday portion of the weekend should be the better half and, if forecasters late last week were anywhere near correct, we’ll be well on our way to that nice, warm, sunny summer weather that brings thousands of tourists into the state. Perhaps this time the summer will last a few days. We’ve already celebrated two summer days, one in April and one in February, this year.

Gator Golden is keeping a careful eye on the Gator Dude who is
pointing a strange thing at her. She should be used to it by now.

About the only real activity we have planned is by the Lady Gators. The first planting of our green and yellow beans is getting ready to provide some nutrition for us so the ladies are planning to start a second crop. It should be ready for picking just about the time the first bunch has completed its tour of duty.

All the rain we’ve had this spring and early summer has done a number on the rest of our crops. A couple days ago we began to think the early work by the Gator Ladies would be totally lost. However, we have notice some blossoms beginning to appear on some of the vegetables so perhaps if we can maintain some warm, daytime sunshiny weather with a little moisture at night, we will be able to salvage some of the crop.

Always one of her favorite toys is very near her.

Not a lot of doings planned for this weekend, but one thing is for sure, for the Gator Bunch it’ll be a very good weekend. I hope it is one for you as well, and we’ll get together once again Monday morning.


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