Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Sunday. I’m not going to try to fool you and make you think I’m writing this today, or even yesterday for that matter. As you know I normally write my weekend post Friday night and then put all this stuff aside to let my head clear out for a couple of days.

Yesterday was a very special day so I did change my normal weekend routine and make separate posts for each day.

Since the weather will have changed and this week’s forecast probably is not the same as it was last Friday, I’m not going to mention the weather. Well, I will say all the rain we had the second half of June and the beginning of July was very depressing. I sure do hope I’m joining you this morning awakening to good weather news.

Whatever the weather is today will be the determining factor on the life of the Gator clan. Good weather will bring Gator Daughter and her dog over, primarily so the dogs can get some socializing.
Bad weather will cause them to remain at their own home.

Speaking of Gator Golden, well at least eluding to her above, she had a cute experience the other day. It was just another photo moment where I didn’t have a camera or a camera phone available. GG had gone on an errand with me. While we were riding, I opened a back door window a jar so she could get some fresh air. It’s never open wide enough for her to put her full head through so she is safe.

While I was stopped in a left turn lane for a red light, another car in the through lane pulled up beside us. The young lady in that car spotted GG and started talking to her. Then she started laughing out loud so I had to turn to look. GG was wagging her tail for all it was worth and smiling her big, broad grin at the young lady.
The girl spoke to GG, “Oh, my, what a beautiful smile!” and laughed some more. That naturally caused GG to start a little dance, too. The light turned green and the lady drove off still laughing out loud. GG was a happy pup because a stranger had made of her.

I’m publishing this Friday and cannot preview it to see if the movie works or not. I can preview the whole post, but the links don’t generally work in preview. This is my first feeble attempt at publishing a video. If it works, I’ll try to make a good one off GG for a later post. This is brief and I hope you enjoy it.

Have an absolutely wonderful Sunday and we’ll be back tomorrow.


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