Saturday, July 25, 2009

An unstable weather weekend

“The possibility of showers and thundershowers” is the catch phrase for this weekend. Seems to me that has been a familiar refrain all summer long so far. It is hard to make plans when the possibility exists of unstable weather.

We had said Friday that Gator Daughter and her dog probably would be at our house for most of Saturday as a roofing guy is putting new shingles on her house and garage. But it doesn’t usually make sense to tear off old shingles and leave the roof exposed, even for a little while as new ones are put in place. The weather forecast hints roofing work, postponed from Friday, probably won’t take place Saturday, either.

That weekend forecast remains in that unstable category, or “possible” category, right into Monday night. If it holds, I’d guess the Gator dude and wife will be dog sitting at least once again Monday or Tuesday.

Unfortunately, that leaves weekend plans here truly up in the air. If the sun is out, we’ll have company. If the rain is boss, we still could have some company at least long enough for some sharing of eats.

I probably could go on and on with all the possibilities for the weekend, but I’m choosing not to. Probably there’s only one definite: I may not be able to mow the lawn.

If you really care or have a dying need to know what we’re doing, just look out the window. You shouldn’t have a hard time figuring it out.
Meanwhile, we’ll be starting our planning process for the coming blogs and invite you to join us when we return Monday morning to see how that planning went.


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