Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Just some Wednesday rambling

Yesterday didn’t turn out to be quite as bad as we had thought it might be. Only a little occasional light drizzle interrupted a very cloudy day. That didn’t help out the old arthritis and other stuff in the Gator body. But at least it didn’t rain. The weather folk tell us today will be similar, but that chance of showers remains.

I think we might have a glimmer of hope for a nice Fourth of July as perhaps, just perhaps, we’ll actually get some sunshine. I hope so. Gator Wife and Gator Daughter have told me it’s a mandatory cookout.

Disclosure: I’m not a Michael Jackson fan; I’ve never been a Michael Jackson fan; and I have never enjoyed his music. That said, I think it is a major statement of the shallowness of the news media to be devoting so much darn time and space to his death. The usual suspects have found a way to get attention again. That, of course, would be Sharpton and the other Jackson.

Obviously, my opinion isn’t shared by a lot of people.

At the suggestion of my Fearless Friend, I tried the newly released Firefox 3.5 web browser. I’m one of the miniscule minority that’s had some problems with previous versions of the browser. I’m still having one minor problem with this new one; and since it’s one of the problems I’ve had with the old one, I think it might be an error on my part.

I have my own domain and so my own web site. It refuses to load into Firefox. There’s just a chance I missed a switch when I developed the “I’m Retired” version of my web site. I may not have it set for multiple browsers. On the other hand, I think FF is able to access the site which probably would rule out that thought.

I began web site development many, many years ago writing all my early sites, both my own and for the place I worked which included a complete catalog, in HTML website building language. Since then many commercial and I think a couple freeware, programs help out considerably by converting a plain language page or pages into HTML. I now use one of those programs. Blame it on getting old.

Therein lies a problem. That program was on my kitchen computer, which is the one I spent the weekend is rebuilding. The software disk for my web site development that I have is only an upgrade. Look as hard as I can, I can’t find a full program disk I’d need to upgrade again to a newer version. So I can’t check for that setting to allow multiple browsers.

Wow! All that just because my FF suggested I try the new Firefox. I’ll join most of the reviewers by endorsing its speed. Perhaps later today, just for some chuckles, I’ll take my laptop to the kitchen and run a side by side page loading test between Firefox and Internet Explorer. Don’t hold your breath tomorrow, though, as most of the time these “perhaps”es end up being totally forgotten.

Suffice it to say, I’m impressed with its speed and at least right now I’d urge you all to give it a try.

I understand why many candidates are jumping into the gubernatorial race for 2010. Most of the candidates say they will be privately financed rather than publicly financed. A list I’ve seen recently shows only three will go the public route. Because the field is getting crowded, nine, I think at my last count, they all need the time to raise the money that will be needed. It’s going to be very expensive.

Nevertheless, it is almost a year before even the primaries are held and almost a year and a half before the election. We’ll be so sick of the campaign that we just might end up not giving a whistle who wins. The presidential race is three and a half years away from the election and it, too, has already begun. Shucks, President Obama hasn’t quit his last campaign yet.


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