Thursday, July 2, 2009

Rain. What else is there to talk about?

I’ll be heading out this morning for my senior fitness session. The weather folk say today won’t be much better, probably worse with more showers and possibly thunder storms, than yesterday; but it’ll probably be a gray and dismal day. The National Weather Service said late yesterday afternoon and the weather guy on Channel Six both indicated the weekend might be the break in the weather we’ve all been waiting for.

The Six guy includes the chance of showers or a thunder shower, however for Saturday afternoon. Sunday should see sunshine, too. I’ll certainly welcome it as it could give my bones and joints a chance to dry out. But then the Six guy had to add that the beginning of next week will be more of what we’re getting this week but with maybe a little less rain, more sunshine, and nicer temperatures.

For anyone who may be interested, my unofficial electronic rain gauge recorded a whopping 8.22 inches of rain between that huge multi-inch storm we got a couple or three weeks ago and the end of June. That’s a lot of water. In fact it was almost three times what we normally get for the month of June. And it was a cold month. The last I heard, again on Channel Six, was that the average high for this June was just two degrees higher than the overall average low for June. I’ve reset the counter for July and it has already registered some wetness.

It amazes me when I watch the TV news and see automobiles, mostly SUVs and high-wheeled pickup trucks, driving on flooded roadways. I often wonder if those drivers ever see the pictures of the water destruction on roads throughout the state. Some places have whole sections completely washed away and many others have lost their shoulders.

I’d surely not take a chance to drive on water covered roads. What a horrible feeling it would be to get part way across and discover there wasn’t a road down there anymore!

Another long, holiday weekend is almost upon us. Tomorrow is Friday and if I remember when I worked for a living in my previous life, when a holiday falls on a Saturday, we got Fridays off. Sunday holidays led to Mondays being off. I suppose some places uses the template that holiday on a weekend, Monday off.

I do know that Gator Daughter has a holiday tomorrow off, but she won’t be coming here. She’ll take the opportunity to get needed stuff around her own home done. Gator Wife does work her part time shift tomorrow at a local supermarket. I think her place only closes three times a year; but if she has to work on a holiday, she does get the time added to her “My Time” plan. “My Time” is a combination of accumulated sick leave and vacation time which employees can use any way they wish. Other companies have different names for the plan.

I won’t have tomorrow off from here so I’ll be with you then. I’ll try to get some pictures this weekend for use next week. It’s been quite a long time since I’ve had one for here. Now it’s time to head out for senior fitness, get my exercise, and then spend this day feeling better.


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