Monday, July 27, 2009

Dog-sitting, again!

That was a different kind of weekend. Saturday afternoon Gator Daughter and her pup were here. They had come so GD could enjoy a lunch with us. I had been doing some work in our cellar and was rather sore from the activity so GD decided she’d take the tractor for a ride around the yard. It was appreciated as the lawn needed to be mowed and she does a good job.

She was back on Sunday to help Gator Wife and me all but finish a project in the basement and lunch. We are preparing a family room down there to get a new floor. We completed ripping out the old one and all the related tasks connected to doing that and now we’re ready to do some shopping for a replacement.

Some outside critters had built a nest in our downspout drainpipe and heavy rains a few weeks ago had nowhere to go, except into the cellar. Carpet we had in the family room was absolutely soaked, so before it could cause more trouble, we ripped it out along with the padding. Remember a couple of weeks back we had gotten rid of some junk in our cellar? The carpet remains were among that the items that got to the dump.

GW and I have been cleaning the floor by getting the glue, nails and stuff scraped up. That cleaning was what we completed Sunday. Now we’ll move on to phase two, the choosing of a replacement. The room is rarely used so there’s no hurry.

Since about ten before six this morning, I’ve been dog-sitting. That’s always a fun time. Gator Daughter is having a new roof put on her house. The roofer told her that depending on the weather, he would be finished today. The weather doesn’t look like it’ll cooperate today. So depending on how much, if any, the roofer gets done, he may have to finish tomorrow.

That, of course, would mean another day of dog-sitting.

Our dog and GD’s really like each other and that helps. There’s no jealousy displayed and the major activity for me Monday morning is to let them in and out. When it’s nice out, they’re out; when it’s raining they’re in. Gator Wife, of course, isn’t home as she’s off to her part time job in a local market. She gets home around noon and she’ll do all the door openings for the afternoon.

If we do have the dog tomorrow, GW will be home all day.

You may have noticed that I’ve been somewhat like gelatin in today’s post. I wasn’t ready to delve into a Part III on the proposed health care. So I’m not going to mention a Wall Street Journal article a week or so ago where Democrats in Congress said “no” to their participation in a public plan. The article also pointed out how many of their own members would not receive care under the proposed plan, which may have been a reason not to participate.

It’s OK, though, for you and me not to receive certain procedures and medications to keep us alive.

And I’ll refrain from mentioning that the Democrats killed a measure that would have prevented illegal aliens from receiving all the free care they need. The several million of them will have their care paid by you and me.

At least it does appear that no vote will be taken this week before the Congressional Recess. The constituencies will be able to make their feelings known. I suspect the members who are up for re-election this year will be listening intently. All members of the House of Representatives and one third of the Senators will be facing voters.


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