Friday, July 3, 2009

The Holiday Weekend Begins

I’m not sure the weather folk got yesterday’s weather forecast exactly correct. We were told it would be a cold, damp, drizzly day with some showers and possibly thundershowers. We had also been told it would be rather cool. It was rather cool. In fact, it was rather cold. For the second day in July we set a new low reading record for the high temperature for the day. Has someone mentioned global warming? Surely this qualifies. But it rained just about all day. My rain gauge collected 1.37 inches of rain.

Perhaps we’ll see some improvement today. I’m still hoping that the forecast for the weekend remains relatively as it has been, some sunshine but with a chance of afternoon showers, possibly a thundershower. As of this morning Gator Daughter is still planning to come for our Fourth of July cookout. Gator Wife is planning to bring home some nice steaks today when she gets out of her part time job. Of course if it does rain, we could postpone it to Sunday.

I took the opportunity of the rainy day yesterday to spend some time trying to learn how to put video on my posts. It certainly seems straight enough. I did take a nudnik video of Gator Golden and successfully got it transferred to a Blogger acceptable format to give it a test.

I opened yesterday’s post and edited it to put that video into the post. It didn’t work. I have no idea what I did wrong, but it’s a project worth working on down the road. I understand there’s a possibility we’ll have some more rain next week.

That speedy little foxlike critter and I had a terrible tiff all yesterday afternoon. My Road Runner connection kept coming and going every five or six minutes. It was never out for more than a minute or two, but if I were a drinking man, there’d have been awful lot of consumption. I’m pretty sure it was RR having the problem because it came and went all on its own.

Neither my TV nor my telephone was interrupted.

The three-day holiday weekend begins today. Yesterday afternoon officials in York County were putting out warnings of roads breaking away due to the rain. Arundel was among the towns that joined towns in other parts of the state to see washouts.

Let me repeat a reminder I suggested yesterday. If you should happen upon a flooded road, don’t drive through the water. I don’t care if you have an SUV, truck, four-wheel drive, or whatever, that road you think is under the water may be long gone.

I’ve read that throughout the country, many cities and towns have cancelled their Fourth of July celebrations because of the economy. Here in Maine, the only mention of events I’ve seen was that the fireworks display in Portland was still be held, weather permitting, of course. Channel Six said on its newscast last night that many Maine communities are going forward with their plans. The station said there’s a complete listing on its web site,

So, we’ll move on with this weekend and return here Monday.


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