Monday, November 24, 2008

Village almost completed

Thanksgiving Week is upon us. Thursday we will gather with family and some of us will include close friends. But that’s still a few days away. Today will be the last day for a couple to see some sunshine. Clouds, according to the weather folk, will begin creeping in later today. There could be some snow showers overnight but tomorrow could be a very wet one, rain in our area.

The weekend kept our Village 2008 right on schedule and we did mostly complete the third and last section as planned. I have a few pictures to tell the story much better than I.

The third section begins (left) with the addition of the base top. Because of the size of the section, we do it in two parts so we'll be able to reach the whole table. After the styrofoam (right) is added, we begin placing structures. The electrical cords are included.

It doesn't take long before the underside (left) becomes a tangled mess. But after a couple of hours, the complete top (Right) has taken shape and is awaiting only accessories, trees and snow.

The pups want to play with us through the whole process. But Gator Wife does a good job keeping them calm (Left). That's Gator Daughter's golden on the left and our Gator Golden on the right. And our village includes its own Christmas tree (Right) which is waiting for its completion.

There’s an excellent chance we’ll have the project of Department 56® structures and accessories completed by the end of Thanksgiving Day, a little ahead of our scheduled completion next weekend. We have to finish putting trees on the layout, pinning a skirt all around to conceal the undersides, have a little “Fresh Fallen Snow” blizzard of sorts, and officially lighting the project. That ending activity will take only an hour or hour and a half.

With the exception of the wooden base table and the skirt, all the structures and accessories, including the snow and a snow blanket, and trees and figures are from the Dickens Village and Victorian Village collections (The Heritage Collection) of
Department 56.

I hope you’ve enjoyed following this construction project we do annually as our celebration of the Christmas Season. Back to the regular stuff I discuss here tomorrow.


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