Thursday, November 13, 2008

I might not like this day!

I’m not sure this is going to be a great day. I’m paying for not attending my Senior Fitness session last Tuesday. I had taken that day off because it was a holiday and I didn’t accommodate my needs by doing any workout type activity at home. So this morning, those leg side lifts complained bitterly. The weight machine said, “So I wasn’t important Tuesday. Let’s see how important I am today.” Even the free weights I use got into the act. And that semi-ball I stand on. I guess I won’t go into that.

Lesson learned. Don’t skip a routine exercise program.

This is has the makings of being an expensive day. A very expensive day. First, I have an appointment to get my annual car inspection. The car won’t pass. I was informed during a routine service call last summer that the tires wouldn’t pass inspection and that I’d really want replacements on before winter, anyway. I suspect that’s going to be in the $500 range. My brakes are squealing and the pedal is sort of mushy. I don’t even want to think about it. Who knows what else they’ll find on a nine year old car.

Then there’s the issue of my camera. It is totally dead. New batteries did nothing. It took a couple of “invisible” pictures last night, then it stopped doing even that. The interesting part of the pictures, I think, is that the flash went off and the completed picture appeared in the viewing window on back. But there was nothing on the memory card. I tried a different card, but it made no difference. Then it stopped even clicking the shutter or operating the flash. I got the message.

I did a little pricing on the Internet last night and there aren’t too many digital cameras out there in the $25 dollar range. Or the $50. I’ll head over to the Mall after I part with all my money at the car place and see if I can find something in a price range I’m willing to pay. After my search last night, I don’t think spending the money getting the car fixed will make any difference. I won’t find a camera I want on today’s foray.

Perhaps I’ll revisit that phone/camera I considered a while back. I can get one of those relatively cheap if I sign up for a new two-year contract. But to do that would require doubling my monthly minutes. I’d be paying for monthly minutes considerably higher than total number of all the minutes I’ve ever used since I got a cellular phone eight years ago. The price of the phone is nice, but the cost would make the cost of a camera prohibitive. I could get a great digital camera for that amount of money.

There are a couple items in the news this morning that are in the “didn’t see it coming” category. Well, some didn’t see it coming, but there were others who warned of this outcome. First, the Portland Press Herald is reporting this morning that the Portland Maine State Pier project is dead, at least for now. The Portland City Council will probably begin the process at its Monday meeting to end the contract with the winning developer. Ownership of the submerged land and a lease to use it appear to be a main cause of the cancellation, but the story hints there are others.

The paper reported yesterday and repeated this morning that its owners, Blethen Newspapers in Seattle has signed a letter of intent to sell all its holdings in Maine to an investment group based in Maine. Those negotiations have been going on for some time and it could still be a few months before the sale becomes final.

Now, I guess, I’d better check my checking account to be sure it’s ready for me to strike out to take care of a safety issue. Considering how much I’ve spent on my Toyota for these years, my overall miles cost of the car will still be extremely low.


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