Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Increase the dole!

We have some wild weather this morning, but it is rain in our area just as the weather folks said it would be. The fact it’s rain is significant to me. Those winds, though, are making it rather miserable. I strongly dislike strong winds. Because it is rain, I took my arthritis ravaged bones and joints to my senior fitness session this morning. Had we had much snow on the ground, I would have stayed home.

Because of my mobility problem I have this personal rule that says if it’s the least bit slippery outside, I won’t go outside. The simple fact: If I fall, I will break something. So this time of year I keep a wary eye on the storm clouds as they gather. I’m in luck today; that precipitation is rain and I can handle rain.

The bad part about rain is the way it affects my bones and joints. Actually, it’s not the rain per se but rather it’s the low pressure that comes in with storms. But I like to fight through it and go through my routine at the Senior Fitness place. Since we won’t be there Thursday, and since I’ve learned that when I miss just one session, the return is difficult, I ventured out in this very windy, rainy morning.

The economy was on my mind this morning during that active moment when I’m using the weights, or ball-standing, or leg lifting. I find myself sort of torn in the auto industry’s requested governmental bailout. On the one hand, the thought of thousands of workers losing their jobs is a tough thought. Mingled in with that thought is that I’ll, and you’ll, be paying for it.

On the other hand, it would make sense to me to let the auto makers go through bankruptcy with the idea of restructuring themselves. There are many cost cutting activities they could go through to get their cars price competitive again. And among those activities are the expenses on the top floors of the administrative buildings.

I don’t like the idea of limiting the income of anyone; but I also don’t like the idea of someone leading a company toward or even into bankruptcy and then getting a multi-million dollar bonus for their work in leading the company, either. I do realize that cutting a million dollars or some from corporate executives is just a drop in the bucket. But enough drops can start filling that bucket up.

About the only thing an auto bailout would accomplish is open the doors to every other industry to seek the same gifts. What would happen in the future? The industry, auto or other, would spend the bail out money and be back for more. Indeed! Already other industries are lining up for “free” government money.

Once free money is tasted, whether it be on a corporate or an individual level, all we hear is the increasing cries of “Increase the dole. Increase the dole.” Other great civilizations before us have fallen as that din gets louder and louder. The history that is no longer taught to us is no longer considered, because we know not of it.

The bail out of the financial institutions isn’t quite the same. It was the edicts of our government that allowed the questionable mortgages that have led to that ruination. You never hear the government talking about that Democrat involvement and the warnings of President Bush as he tried to get the impending doom fixed through his years. Since the government had a hand in it, the government should help resolve it. But that resolution should include the sacrifices mentioned earlier.

Finally today, I’m also opposed to another stimulus package. I’m afraid this time I’ll simply accept any handout, wait for the next one, and join in the chorus, “Increase the dole. Increase the dole.” After all, why work if we can make out better on the government handouts?



Anonymous said...

Look at how many more comments you get when you show the village -- or the dog.

GiM said...

You're right. I had a hard time reviewing all those I got yesterday on the village which included the dog.