Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Senior Fitness

I sort of like Tuesdays. After some juice with which I take my bundle of pills and a cup of coffee, I get to enjoy a sometimes good and sometimes a little less than good exercise at the physical therapy place. We call it Senior Fitness.

I like doing my twice weekly workout at the PT place simply because I did have some physical therapy there and got to know the therapists and trainers who work there. I had learned what they expect and how they expect those of us in the fitness program to perform.

Because we are in this special program, they don’t stand over us to make sure we’re doing what we’re supposed to be doing. They just expect us to work correctly and ask questions when we need to. I’ve added a “we” here because I’m including the several other young men and women (being retired is a requirement).

The whole group gets along very well. We can joke, tell stories, and move freely from station to station. Through it all the group remains focused on why we are there.

I don’t think any of us would entertain moving our routines to a gym type establishment. Each of the members of our group is recovering from, or working to live with some serious problems that had led at one time to physical therapy but continue to need work. We simply aren’t candidates for a gym-type activity.

The Senior Fitness program gives us a chance to both continue to work on routines designed by the PTs for each of us to meet our individual needs and to get some much needed semi-organized exercise activity.

Some of the lives and the stories they tell of the group members would make a wonderful tale here. I not only don’t have anyone’s permission to repeat those stories but I also wouldn’t want to inadvertently embarrass any of them. But with about 400 years of life there, you can imagine what they can tell.

I also like coming home Tuesdays and Thursdays. Gator Wife has the days off from her part time job so we get to spend the day together. I’m not sure what was special about today, though. When I got home, GW had some nice, hot corn muffins and a cup of hot cocoa waiting for me. What’s any better for you after a good exercise session that corn muffins and cocoa?


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