Monday, November 3, 2008

Thank Goodness! It's almost over!

The last full day before the election has finally arrived. Although a huge number of people have already cast their ballots, the polls are expected to be crammed with traditional Election Day voters tomorrow. I’m among those who have already voted.

It won’t be long now before those damnable telephone calls will stop. What a pleasure not to pick up the phone and get dead silence while the computer finds someone to talk. It is during that three or four seconds of silence when I usually hang up. When there is no silence, what happens depends on whether or not the other end is a human or a computer. A computer got a quick disconnect. A human had to put up with my nonsense.

During the last few days I’ve received too many campaign mailings via the postal service. At least sending all that mail to our household was a waste of money. We had already voted. From the lines shown on the television news, I say a goodly number of local folks had voted. Yet the mailings kept coming. None of them got read here for two reasons. We had already voted and even if we hadn’t, we had our minds made up. I can say for sure in this house they were all a waste, and I’d bet even for many households who haven’t vote, they were a waste, also.

What wouldn’t have been a waste would have been a visit from candidates. We could have learned a lot more from an eye to eye short discussion than we could learn from all the campaign literature which only tells us what the candidate wants to tell us. Not one Republican visited my house. Not one. I also didn’t receive any phone calls from Republicans. Perhaps the R’s didn’t care about my vote.

On the other hand, we did get a visit from a Democrat. Unfortunately, he had been here during a previous election, too, and he told me in that eye-to-eye conversation how he felt about issues that interested me. He understood, he said, about my concern for taxes and the cost of health care and would be working to solve the problems in Augusta. I know a politician wouldn’t lie to a constituent. I voted for him that year. He lied. He did not vote in our interests in either of those issues. When he came this year, I told him I would never support him again. And I was true to my word this year.

And we got telephone calls from Democrats along with their late mailings. But the Republicans remained silent in the Gator household. Not so the folks both for and against gambling. Both the statewide question and the Scarborough one sent out a lot of information. I don’t believe gambling is a solution to anything. At least the Oxford people are being honest in that they want a gambling casino. I’d bet not one penny would be spent developing the Scarborough Village if Scarborough Downs doesn’t get its racino.

There was one non-political call that came in regularly. I lost my “last chance” at least 20 times to lower my credit card interest. Those calls, like all computer generated calls, didn’t last very long.

Now it’s all almost over except the shouting, or perhaps some sadness. I honestly hope tomorrow doesn’t mark the beginning of the end of The United States as we know it. I will give the Democrats credit. As deceitful as it may be, they’ve learned how to get their message across.

If you haven’t yet voted, it’s not too late. Make a special effort to be sure you do and tomorrow is your last chance. If you have voted, then you’ve done your part in choosing those who will lead us for the next two or four years.


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