Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Day to Honor Veterans and a Celebration!

Today is Veteran’s Day. This is a day when we honor all persons who have served in the military defending and protecting this great land of ours. As other nations celebrated the end of World War I (11th hour of 11th Day, of 11th month) over the weekend, we prepared to honor all who have served this country at all times.

Nov. 11th began as Armistice Day in the mid-1920s and other countries still have their celebrations honoring it, now usually on a weekend. But we wanted to honor all our service people so in 1954 President Eisenhower proclaimed Nov. 11th as Veterans’ Day. In 1971 Congress decided the day should be changed to the fourth Monday in October. It was part of a movement to change as many holidays as possible to a Monday so they would not break up a work week.

Veterans’ Day was among the few that didn’t survive the change. By 1975 the outcry caused the honor to once again be on the date of its original Armistice Day, thus today we honor our service men and women.

I was a “tweener.” We were between conflicts when I got my draft notice so urgency was not a priority. Still in college, I was deferred to my graduation year when I had to report for that physical. The ailments which I frequently mention here had already begun and those doctors at the Jacksonville Naval Air Station decided the military didn’t want or need me. So I’ve never been in the military.

But I do appreciate, honor, and thank all the men and women who have served, are currently serving, or who will serve in the future to keep America free and safe. This country would not still be here without your sacrifices. Thank you!

On a personal note, I do have my own celebration. It was 47 years ago today when Gator Wife and I became one. We have worked hard through all the good and sometimes rather rough times to be at each other’s side when support was needed. She was my rock just a few years ago when I had my life threatening events and, because of her, I can still write these messages.

Thank you, Gator Wife, for saying “yes” those 48 years ago. I love you and am more grateful than you can ever know that we are able to try for many more.


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Sheepish Annie said...

Happy Anniversary!!! And many more!!