Saturday, November 14, 2009

Wet, but possibly productive weekend

"I think this is my best side. Is this my best side?"

This is another Christmas Village construction weekend. Sometime rain, or even the threat of it, is a good weekend friend. It gives us the excuse to remain inside to add the second section.

We have the first section all but finished. That was accomplished Wednesday, the first official day of this year's version of the Village. We create a Department 56(c) lit Victorian/Dickens Christmas display each year. The official lighting takes place Thanksgiving weekend.

This weekend we're adding what is perhaps the most popular display in our four-part production. Every piece depicts a scene from Charles Dicken's A Christmas Carol, the famous annual seasonal story of Ebenezer Scrooge. Most people know it as the story of Tiny Tim.

First comes the construction of the frame, then we add the layers of styrofoam, which serves as a base and is used to conceal the wiring that makes it a lighted display. We will add the structures and accessories, including the three Ghosts and a cemetary. When it is finished, it should continue in its own little tradition of being the best.

I'll try to have some pictures of it Monday.

The rain also has a downside. It will probably keep us from making a final pass through the yard to vacuum the remaining leaves and acorns. Some of our trees do still have leaves so perhaps not being able to do it if it rains will be a good thing. That rain and any wind could finish the leaf-dropping for this season.

I hope you're weekend will be as full of good activity as ours.


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