Saturday, November 7, 2009

A nice, November weekend

What's any better than a roll in the leaves, especially
when it helps get them moved for the family?

The first full weekend of November has arrived, and the weather people tell us it is going to be a relatively nice one with Sunday being the better of the two days. November is always a good month as we make the transition from summer/fall to winter/spring.

More than that, however, it is a great month in the Gator clan as the old bull and his wonderful sow have their anniversary. It’ll be number 48 this year, not a major number, but still 48 years together is a wonderful accomplishment.

It was in November, 2001, when I had that adventure the many people believed would lead to my not seeing even that Thanksgiving. A burst aneurysm and heart attack had me on my death bed for more than a month and here it is eight years later and I’m still looking forward to Thanksgiving.

Christmas season begins this month, although some stores started the season as many as several weeks ago. Traditionally, it’s the day after Thanksgiving that brings the season into full bloom.

This is also the month Gator Wife and Gator Daughter and I establish our annual Dickens/Victorian Christmas Village from Department 56. That officially begins this coming Wednesday although we’re going to spend some time this weekend bringing the frame parts to the living room where we construct the village.

There’s just a chance GD will help us clear some more leaves from our yard. Those darn acorns may get some attention, too.

So we like November, a month of beginnings for the Gator family and a time that brings real pleasure. We hope you have a great weekend and your November is as happy as ours.


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