Monday, November 23, 2009

Our 2009 Chistmas Village is about ready

As we had anticipated, our annual Christmas village is just about completed. We began assembling our Department 56 (c) Victorian/Dickens collection on Nov. 11th with the completion date schedule for Thanksgiving weekend. It will be finished.

We had already assembled two of the four sections we'll have this year. A village scene behind our living room couch and the most popular display, the Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol window, had previously been completed.

This weekend we assembled the final two sections, a combination mountain/woods/village scene on what we call the main table and our simple Chistmas Tree display on our entertainment center.

We had assembled the frame and half the base earlier and this weekend added the structures and accessories that complete the display. The right side of the frame remains topless as we need the space to stand in while putting together the left side. That mountain in the corner is new this year.

Gator Daughter is in control of the section and she changes it slightly each year. When it is complete (left), it is really quite impressive. Once she has finished the corner, the rest of the base is added and we all begin the process of placing other pieces and accessories.

You'll probably notice that it's quite a scene under the table as the frame and wiring would be all exposed. On Thursday, the final step in the process is to add a skirt around each of the display tables and the underside can't be seen. As you look across the main display you can almost see the Dickens' Section in the window.

Finally, we put up a very simple Christmas Tree park on the top of our entertainment center. It is simple, but makes a nice addition to our celebration of the Christmas Season.

We do have just a little work left. On Tuesday, GW's day off from work, we'll add trees to the two sections. Some have already been placed, but we'll be adding another hundred or so to fill in the spots and hide any flaws we find.

Then Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, while pies are baking in the kitchen, GW and GD will add the skirt and we'll participate in dropping Department 56 "Fresh Fallen Snow" over all four sections. We are quite proud of the final results each year.

A little ahead of the scheduled weeking lighting of the display, shortly after dark Thanksgiving Day we'll flip the switch and begin enjoying our 2009 version of our Christmas Village. It'll be on display through the New Year.

Friday, I'll post some pictures of the completed display.


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