Monday, November 9, 2009

A very busy week for the Gator Clan

Come on, Dad. Get out of that chair! We've go work to do.

Monday begins a new week. This one will be active for the Gator clan, primarily the mom and dad duo, so we won’t do much, if any, ranting and raving.

Monday begins with a morning visit to a local medical testing facility so that Gator Wife can have a procedure to check on a development she didn’t expect. The test itself we’re told isn’t too difficult but the anxiety will be prevalent for the remainder of the day, at least.

I’ll have my normal senior fitness session Tuesday morning, and then we’ll be waiting patiently for the delivery of a new refrigerator, probably early afternoon. I wouldn’t be too surprised if we didn’t get a start of the Christmas Village, scheduled to begin Wednesday, to keep us busy while we wait.

Wednesday is the day of days for this week. GW and I will celebrate the beginning of our 49th year together. Not a bad anniversary for a pair whose attendees at our wedding almost a half century ago were entering a pool betting on how long it would last. No one knows whatever happened to the pool money and only a small handful of people there, none of the poolers of which we are aware, are still around to ask. (If the money were still available, I’d claim it. After all, GW and I entered this thing for life.)

Wednesday also begins the formal construction of our Christmas Village and I’ll have more on that, especially if you’re new to our project, Wednesday. It is a giant undertaking which occupies most of our living room. I’ll be posting project pictures along the way.

Gator Wife will be on ‘vacation’ from her part time job until Friday.

The activity continues Thursday as two more projects are scheduled. I’ll begin with my senior fitness session then come home to work on the Village with GW. Also Thursday we’ll have a couple necessary project completed by professional work people. We were very late scheduling our chimney sweep so the chimney cleaning guys are coming Thursday. I take full “credit” for the delay. We got a post card way back last spring or early summer reminding us to schedule the cleaning. I didn’t so when I did call, the first day I could get scheduled was this Thursday.

Also Thursday gutter workers are coming to clean our gutters, check to be sure they’re still O.K., replace any that needed replacing, and install gutter guards on all of them. That will cut down on the cleaning as this old Bull Gator doesn’t do ladders any more.

I’m looking forward to Friday for a “Whoooh” day, but GW will return to her job. So the Gator Clan has a busy one ahead of us and not one that will give me time to rant. Probably a good thing. There’s that House so-call health reform bill . . .


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