Saturday, November 21, 2009

Another Village Construction Weekend

"Happy weekend," she says with just a hint of her pretty smile.

The weather folk give us strong indications that it will be a nice one. We'll take advantage of the weather to make our final leaf cleaning trip through the yard. Nearly all the leaves are now down for this season and after this weekend, it will be time to convert the lawn mowing tractor into one that blows snow.

We'll also come very close to completing our annual Department 56 (C) Lit Victorian/Dickens Village. We erect it each Christmas season beginning on Nov. 11th and having it ready for lighting during the Thanksgiving weekend. That's next weekend and it will be ready. In fact, there's a good chance it'll be finished this weekend and lighted Thanksgiving Day.

It has been traditional for both Gator Wife and me to begin our Christmas season on Thanksgiving or the day after all our lives, beginning long before we met. We continue that tradition every year, with the exception of beginning the village.

I think we're even among a minority that hasn't started our Christmas shopping, yet, and won't until at least the day after Thanksgiving. We're too old to fight the Black Friday crowds so it probably won't be until well after Friday.

So, we have an active weekend planned; therefore we're looking forward to a good one. I hope your weekend is a good one, also, and we should have some pictures to show you Monday.


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