Saturday, February 14, 2009

A nice, loving weekend

A lover’s weekend has welcomed us into its heart. Saturday is the day that lovers everywhere find a way to express their feelings to the person in their lives that has that deserves this special day. In my family, that special person is Gator Wife.

Now that doesn’t mean that Gator Daughter isn’t special to me. She most certainly is. Our little granddaughter way out west has her special place in my heart. Can dads include sons on that list? Of course. But none of these people are in the little corner that is reserved exclusively for GW.

GW first found that spot way back in 1960 when I returned to Maine. We hadn’t known each other for long before I crossed that line where a man simply stops looking for anyone else. She’s still stuck with me.

Speaking of Gator Daughter, she and her dog will spend much of this weekend with us as they spend most weekends. You’ve read here many, many times how wonderful it is for her dog and Gator Golden to have some time together. Let’s be a little realistic. By now both dogs have no clue that they are sisters from the same litter. At least I think that’s a realistic thought.

But the dogs get a chance for some socializing, interacting with another animal. It’s just about their only chance. GG lives in an electric fence controlled area and she never challenges it. At least we haven't seen her challenge it in more than four years. GD’s dog spends most of her time inside the girl’s house while GD is away at her job. So neither of them gets a chance to play with other pets.

I seriously doubt they’ll exchange Valentine’s cards.

This weekend marks the half way point of February. Although there’s a chance we’ll still get some snow before this winter is over in another five weeks, the days are getting longer and the sun is getting higher in the sky so most of the precipitation we get from here on should be rain. We usually do, however, get one or two pretty decent snow storms before February finally gives up the fight.

I’d be rather surprised if I didn’t hear GW and GD start planning the gardens which will be planted in the Spring.

Except for it not being Valentine’s Day, Sunday won’t be much different.

I did hear from my Fearless Friend Friday after he had his final visit with his eye surgeon who had removed cataracts from both his eyes. FF was about as happy as I’ve known him to be with the news he got. Everything is perfectly normal. He has been totally released with the exception of having to see his regular optometrist within the next several days.

But the best news he got was clearance to head for Florida at the end of the month. He and Mrs. FF like to spend about three months down there each winter, but this year the eye event kept him in Maine two months past his normal departure. He’ll still spend the better part of three months on his vacation with just one minor difference from the past several years.

He’ll see his Florida home and surroundings in a much brighter, more colorful manner. It’ll be a great time for him.

I hope your weekend is full of wonderful things and fun times. We’ll be back with our ranting and raving Monday.



Sheepish Annie said...

It is kind of strange to have the 'rents here this late in the season. I'm sure it will seem even more odd to have them gone come spring!

Happy Belated Valentine's Day!

GiM said...

My guess would be they'll find it strange, too.