Monday, February 2, 2009

Some thoughts over the weekend

That was an interesting experience. My ICD (Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator) has been inserted into my chest. Everything went exactly the way the doctor said it would go. Where he cut into the chest is a little tender, but generally I’m pain free. So once I get over the up to a week driving restriction and get my arm back up over my head, I’m off on a “second” life.

Care to know how much of the six hours of Super Bowl hype yesterday afternoon I watched? Easy. Not one single second. Care to know how much I was impressed by the 3-D technology unleashed for the game? I don’t have the special glasses. And I might be the only person, male at least, that doesn’t watch that game for the commercials. I won’t be seeing that show tonight in 3-D either. I still don’t have the glasses.

In fact I didn’t watch much of the game, either. I did learn this morning that I missed what was a fantastic finish. Pittsburgh came out on top with a last minute touchdown after a spectacular comeback by Arizona.

Speaking of commercials, I sure do wish whoever owns Swiffer would dump those dumb “Lady, come back” commercials. Sometimes I think today’s ad writers are good representatives of young people today; they lack imagination. Then along comes that Tums ad where the bear eats all the food and steals Tums from a car. That one can bring a chuckle.

Don’t you just love the backgrounds of many of the Democrat appointees to very high level government posts? And they want us to believe our country is going to get better. One thing is pretty sure: the bank accounts of many Dems will get better. And whatever happened to that No Lobbyists directive of President Obama? Imagine, putting someone who made over two hundred thousand bucks from the health industry into the position of health director! That rivals putting a military spending lobbyist into the Pentagon. Don’t you just love “change?”

The President has figured out how to get a filibuster proof Senate as he has in the House of Representatives already. Just appoint Republicans from states with Democrat governors to high level posts. That way he’ll get another Democrat into the Senate. He really doesn’t need it; he has Snowe and Collins.

Last week I had a comment about the Time Warner on line cable guide. My guess is they didn’t even know I made that comment, and they were already working on fixing it. Yesterday I wanted to see what alternatives I had to Super Bowl hype so opened the guide on my computer. Wow! Their new web site is on its way to becoming impressive. I think (hope) they’re still working on it, but my first reaction was that it will be very nice. The new guide will be clean and neat, too.

I thought it was a little sad this weekend to learn that a Great American Hero is less than a saint. A photo of swimming and Olympic record holding champion Michael Phelps cuddling a bong (pipe for smoking marijuana) made the rounds of the Internet. Phelps has acknowledged the photo was real. I guess another role model bites the dust.

Speaking of sports, I don’t live in Lewiston; if I did, I’d probably have a different opinion of learning the Maineiacs have filed a notice they are relocating in Canada. Who’d a thunk a Canadian team playing in a Canadian hockey league would want to move back to Canada? I guess it is going to leave a pretty good debt to revamp the Colisee to be paid by the Lewiston taxpayers.

Tomorrow we’ll know what the Tuesday weather will be. Those pesky weather models that the local weather people rely on seem to be inconsistent with this newest developing storm. We’ll either get some snow or we won’t all depending on the track. At least if we do get snow, I’ll be able to help Gator Wife with cleaning up what neighbor Ed can’t plow, if we do get plowable snow. Early this morning it doesn’t look like we will.

I’m not on restrictions from using my snow blowing tractor. Well, there are a couple little ones. I can’t lift my arm over my head nor can I make any sudden movements with it for a while. But all the left side controls on the machine are just the throttle and choke, and the thing that adjusts the chute. All are about waist level. I had been under the impression I wouldn’t be able to use the machine (perhaps I secretly was wishing that!), but if we do need cleaning up, I can help. No lifting with a shovel, though.

Oh, yes. I should mention my glasses. I picked them up last Thursday after the optician made some adjustments. I told him I wouldn’t try them until this week because of the surgery and he understood. But I felt so good and worry free yesterday I began wearing them. There is a slight tightening adjustment that needs to be made, but in all fairness to the unkind words of the past few weeks, I can see pretty darn well through the new ones. I’ll blame the negativism on the then impending surgery.


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