Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Final word on FF's cataract surgery

My Fearless Friend did me a favor without realizing he was doing one for me. He sent me what he calls his “Final Post” regarding his cataract surgery. FF has given us some guest posts over the last three weeks. He has told us what cataract surgery entails and the preparations for it. He has told us the results of his first adventure, some early reactions to the results, the preparation for the second eye, and more very positive results.

Today, he gives some final thoughts in his own words:

This is the 4th and final guest post describing my experience with cataract surgery. I have now had both eyes done. The first was a couple of weeks ago and the 2nd was done last Thursday. My experience with the 2nd eye was really a duplicate of the first and you can read about that in earlier posts.

At my first follow-up on Friday the 2nd eye checked out at 20/20 with no problems with respect to the surgery – the same as the first. The surgeon was please and it goes without saying that I was thrilled. I can now see clearly with both eyes for the first time in many years and my vision is excellent without glasses.

I do have another follow-up on Friday and expect that things will still look good. I am not sure if there will be any further follow-up with the surgeon or not. I do have to visit with my regular optometrist in a week. Post-surgical care is limited to eye drops 3 or 4 times a day, which is done at home. Limited lifting or straining for the first couple of weeks is recommended.

I can assure anyone facing this surgery that it is nothing to be feared. The time in the operating room was about 15 minutes for each eye. Again, the procedure is painless. A driver is needed on the day of the surgery and the first follow-up. If everything checks out okay driving can resume after the first day. There probably are exceptions; that was my experience.

This is routine surgery and I am told the most common and successful procedure done in the United States. I knew that before the surgery.

People who say they don’t have at least some reservations about having an incision in their eye, the lens removed, and having it replaced with a piece of plastic before experiencing the actual procedure is probably not being totally truthful. I know that I certainly was apprehensive. I can assure you, based on my experience, it was in fact painless and the results are immediate and remarkable.

Thanks to all the great professionals at the Maine Eye Center in Portland, Maine.


Thank you, Fearless Friend, for sharing these times with us (but no post is ever a “final” post). I know I am probably facing this same procedure but, my optometrist says it won’t be for another year or year and a half. The words you shared with us has made looking into that future an easier task for me.

I especially liked that part about an apprehensive anticipation and then your assurances that it is painless. I know I and anyone else reading your guest posts will still have some apprehension. That is only natural. I will, however, be prepared on that first day the optometrist tells me we, as my heart doctor told me, “. . . must begin a conversation” that I won’t have to have a long one.

Again, thanks for sharing.

Now on to the mundane: You may wonder why I have posted so early this Tuesday, one of the two weekdays I normally would be going to my senior fitness session. Because of my own surgery last week, I’m on hold right now as I can’t do 95% of the exercises I’d normally do for another several days. I do have a follow-up appointment with my cardiologist later this week and I suspect, considering the way I feel and am acting, that many if not all of the restrictions will be lifted sooner than the month order.

Gator Wife and I are visiting the fitness center for a while this morning. It moved at the first of the month to a new location. This visit will give GW a chance to meet my fellow senior fitness people and some of the guys and gals that staff the place. It will also give me a chance to check out the new location.

We have a couple of other stops on our morning agenda and I wanted to get this out there early. So, an earlier than usual Tuesday post. Enjoy your day and we’ll be back tomorrow with the regular stuff.


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