Saturday, February 28, 2009

In like a lion . . .!

Another weekend and so another light offering to you. I’m never sure on weekends that are split between months are the last weekend of one month or the first of the other. There’s always the possibility it’s neither but rather just a plain old weekend. In any event February ends and March roars in this Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday should be a rather nice day but somewhat windy. The overnight rain heading into the weekend has ended. The hedging continues of the Sunday weather. It has gone from a coastal storm to one that probably will be too far below us to do anything. We’ll just have to see what Sunday brings. A bigger storm could arrive Monday.

The store where Wife Gator works has an order in her specialty for Saturday so she’ll be spending a little time at work. She says they won’t take too long to put together. When she gets home Saturday morning, she’ll be calling Gator Daughter to see what the plans are for the weekend. Naturally we hope the girl and her dog will pay us a visit. Gator Golden has missed her sister for two weeks so she’ll be especially anxious to see that Corolla coming down the driveway.

This is a travel weekend for my Fearless Friend and his wife. They left Saturday morning for their vacation in Florida where they’ll spend the better part of the next three months. I call it a vacation but I’m not sure they would characterize it that way.

They own a home down there and FF messages me regularly about fixing this, replacing that, generally doing all the things one does in a home here. Except those “thises” and “thoses” have had nine months to develop and all the work needs to be done before mid-May.

He says he’s not planning on going to as many Spring Training baseball games as he has in the past. I’d bet it’ll be pretty darn close once he gets there. One of the major league teams, unfortunately not the Red Sox, trains just a few miles from his house. He told me a while back that he and Mrs. FF plan on doing some of the other things available down that they haven’t done for a while.

I certainly hope his drive down is safe and uneventful. He wasn’t sure how long he would drive each day as that would depend on how his new eyes adjust. Like me, he usually keeps his driving in the eight hour or so range; but if his eyes permit, he could make it a little longer.

I’m not really sure now how long it takes, but in my youth and before Interstate highways, I could drive between Portland and St. Petersburg in 25 hours. Yes, I’ve done it. I wouldn’t even think about trying it now. A nice, relaxing, comfortable three-day drive would suit me just fine.

We don’t have any real plans for this weekend except hope GD and her dog are able to visit us. If we should end up with some snow Sunday, I’m sure there won’t be a visit.

I hope you have a great weekend and I’m thinking I might have some comments Monday on President Obama’s budget proposal. You probably already know how I feel about all that spending so maybe I’ll find something else. We will keep good thoughts for the weekend and see you again Monday morning.


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