Saturday, February 21, 2009

Just an easy weekend!

Most of the time I like weekends. It hasn’t always been this way. In my other life I worked every weekend at a part time job. My full time job, of course, was for the five weekdays. Neither one of those jobs paid enough to support my family, but together, along with the money Gator Wife brought in, we managed. Now we’re both retired, except GW is the one now with a part time job.

This is a weekend I might not like. Although the dogs will be disappointed, our daughter has decided to stay home, at least Saturday and probably Sunday as well. Her Golden has developed a little red hotspot on the tail and, although it seems to be on the mend, she doesn’t want to take a chance that the dogs playing together could aggravate it. I agree with her; it’s better to be safe that sorry.

Sunday remained a “little iffy” as I jot this down early Saturday morning. The forecast calls for some snow or changing to rain Sunday. We won’t know until the day is actually here what it will bring for visitors. Friday night GD wasn’t too enthusiastic about bringing the dog over. Of course it will depend on the condition of the tail. If we do get precipitation, she won’t come.

The hard part for Gator Golden is somehow she’ll know this is a weekend and her playmate sister normally comes over. She’ll start watching out the window almost exactly at ten o’clock for a familiar car to be heading down the driveway. I know it’s a useless exercise, but I will try to explain it to her. It could be early afternoon before she understands there’ll be no visitors.

Seems to me I’ve heard or read somewhere that the Academy Awards will be given out this weekend. Whoopee! I wonder how long they’ve been televised. It’s about that long that I’ve never seen them. I think some of the shows recently have mentioned some of the nominees. I’ve never heard of at least 80% of them.

I’m looking forward to the return of the monthly lunch meeting of my retired friends. It’s been a long time since I’ve mentioned the fourth Wednesday of the month session. It was cancelled in November because that fourth Wednesday was the day before Thanksgiving and also cancelled in December because of all the holiday activity and the difficulty in finding parking near the eatery.

I don’t know if anyone showed up at the January session or not. That last Wednesday arrived with a rather messy storm, and most of us retired folk don’t like to fight storms unnecessarily. I stayed home. I know my Fearless Friend, one of the group that normally meets, also stayed home because he had just undergone the cataract surgery on one of his eyes. He didn’t think navigating around in a storm would be too good of an idea.

He’s since had his second eye done and he’s virtually all back to normal, except he can see. That might not be good as he’ll see what he’s eating. I know he’s planning to be at the lunch Wednesday. I only hope the rest of the group remembers the session. In case you’re new to me or have a short memory, we are a group of retired folks who basically entered the world of retirement from the same work place at about the same time a dozen or more years ago, or within a year or two of each other.

It’ll also mark the last lunch FF will be with us for a while. He leaves next weekend for the sunny south and his annual three month vacation.

But that’s not this weekend’s stuff. This weekend we’ll be just resting and relaxing and wishing GG’s sister a quick recovery. I hope you enjoy your weekend and we’ll be back Monday.



Sheepish Annie said...

The kitties and I are watching the weather closely. I don't know whether they want me to go back to work or if they would prefer that I stay on vacation and home with them. It's hard to tell...

Either way, I'm not looking forward to the drive down. Maybe a delay would be a good thing?

Stay warm!

GiM said...

It's raining cats and dogs (how's that for tying our animals together?) here. I have no idea what its doing in the border town, but if it's snowing there as hard as it's raining here, You might get some hope up. I join the call on your place for you to see a doc.