Thursday, February 12, 2009

Some Scattered Thoughts

At least it’s not snow. I’m among a growing number of people who are getting just a little tired of all the snow we’ve had this year. I still have some pretty tall snow banks in front of my house. This recent weather, including today’s rain and showers, will go a long way to a melting down.

I think the cold weather has frozen my head, too. Today we offer some reading material, but once again I wouldn’t spend too much time on it.

I won’t be going to my senior fitness session again today as I’m being restricted from many of the things I do there, like lifting things. I do visit my cardiologist this morning and I’m hoping for a few things. I’d like most of my restrictions lifted. Actually, it would be nice if they all were, but that’s not too realistic less than two weeks after surgery affecting my heart.

There’s also this thing about being sure the incision area is completely healed before I do too many things with that left arm. Perhaps, though, some restrictions, including the lifting of weight no more than that of a gallon of milk one, could go away. That one, though, I’d guess would only be an increase in weight.

When I left the hospital a week ago Saturday, one of the items on the discharge orders was to watch my weight. The medical folk didn’t want it to increase more than two pounds. Today my weight was identical with that at discharge. Personally, I don’t think that’s too shabby for relative inactivity.

I feel great and seem to have more energy that I had in the weeks and months leading up to the ICD placement. I jokingly tell people it isn’t working because I haven’t felt it. The only thing that would be felt is the defibrillator function smacking my heart. I guess the fact I haven’t felt anything is a good thing. I really do think it is working, though. I have better physical color and, as I just mentioned, I have more desire to be doing something.

Let’s move on.

The dollar has again spoken in Maine. Citing all the new revenue that could flow into Maine’s coffers, the state’s gambling board has approved a request by Hollywood Slots in Bangor let people pull the paddles on Sunday mornings. Until now, gambling wasn’t allowed so there wouldn’t be a conflict between the slots and churches.

Our Congress took another step toward socialism yesterday and there’s a small possibility that step will become a giant one today. The House and Senate conferees have agreed on a nearly 800 billion dollar spending package that will stimulate precious little of the economy. But it sure does help out the social programs. If you doubt me, take a gander at the bill itself yourself.

The House is expected to give final passage today and the Senate will soon follow. It could be on the President’s desk for signing tomorrow.

It’ll be interesting to see how this spending package can, as Senator Snowe says, create millions and millions of jobs. Only a small percentage of the money goes to stimulating the economy.

Two satellites collided in space overnight. It is believed the crash of the defunct Russian Cosmos series orbiter and the U.S. communications satellite is the first ever between man-made satellites. The Russian loss will be meaningless as it was abandoned a few years ago; the loss of the U.S. communications satellite, part of the Iridium communications venture, will be minimal.

As I understand it, the Iridium system was hoping to become the world’s best cellular phone system but lost out to the GSM roaming system.

If you’re running out of good blogs to read through today, you might try Sheepish Annie’s discussion of how a very bad cold can affect a usually very nice young woman. I should warn you, though, it is rather graphic.

One thing I won’t have to do when I get back from the doctor’s office this morning: shovel snow. Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say help Gator Wife with snow cleanup. She’s already got the last storm cleared away, with a little help from neighbor Ed’s plow, and it doesn’t take a shovel to move rain.


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