Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday stuff

The Gator family had a very nice weekend. Although Saturday was somewhat breezy, Sunday was a beautiful day. Our daughter and her dog spent a goodly amount of time here and that’s always nice. The pups apparently liked the weather a lot, too, as they spent considerable time outdoors. The softening snow made it somewhat difficult for them to romp; but being Golden Retrievers, they are outdoor dogs and seemed to enjoy themselves.

The weather gal this morning on Channel Six said the temperatures this week will remain in the low to mid 30s range so that will be good for melting snow. There is one blip on the horizon, however, as there’s that infamous chance of snow or mix precipitation changing to all rain along the coast Wednesday night into Thursday. That very familiar “depending on the track” will determine when any changeover will occur and how far inland it will go.

Okay. We have a new spending package out of Washington. We’re going to stimulate our economy by spending 800-billion dollars, about 15 percent of which will go toward projects that will actually create jobs. Most of the rest is going to bail out failing state spending and welfare programs. No one seems to want to address what will happen when the money runs out and these programs are still failing.

The President and Congress are pleased to call it a “bipartisan” package because all of three, count ‘em, three Senators, including the two from Maine, were the only Republicans in either House that supported it. Considering who they are and their political leanings, I cannot agree it’s a bipartisan package.

I do find one report in this morning’s news fascinating. The President hasn’t even signed his massive spending package into law and reports say he’s already looking into changes. The one being discussed this morning involves the CEO pay for bailed out industries. Those news stories say the President wants to ease the limits.

And he says he no longer will seek a “Car Czar” to oversee the bailout of the automobile industry and will put that into the hands of the Treasury Secretary and an advisor. Interesting. One can’t help but wonder how many more changes will come about in an already bloated government spending bill. I guess we here in Maine can all give a great big “Thank you” to our two Senators, two of only three Republicans in either house who supported the bill.

I probably won’t be able to succeed as I’d bet more and more information will come out to challenge my attempt, but I think I’ll try to be a “good” boy and not discuss this package for a while. After all, as of now it’s a fait accompli so I’ll sit back for a while and watch what happens. Most Americans now are saying it won’t work, but we’ll see. As I said, I probably won’t be able to keep quiet.

If I heard the news report correctly, I have a question to which I know not the answer. I think I heard late last week that the price of crude oil had dropped to about $35 a barrel. If what I think I heard is true, why, with the price of crude very low and continuing to go down, is the price at the pump climbing? I’ve seen it over two dollars at some stations with most of them in the $1.95+ range.

The reputation of the State of Illinois for its questionable political activity grows. That senator that now impeached and ousted governor Rod Blagojevich appointed to replace President Obama has now admitted that the former governor’s representative, his brother I think, had approached him for a campaign contribution before the appointment.

Roland Burris says he didn’t accept the invitation, but his new revelation contradicts that to which he testified earlier. Now the new Illinois governor wants Burris to give the people of Illinois a full explanation. The Illinois Republican leadership goes even further and is calling for the new senator’s resignation.

It all continues to make the Illinois story a fascinating one to follow. Sort of reminds me of how well the state did when it hired fired Florida football coach Ron Zook. Zook has led the Illini with pretty much the same leadership as . . . Oh, I’m sorry. I digress. Most of you have never heard of Zook. The Zook story is a story all unto itself and doesn’t belong here.


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