Monday, February 23, 2009

More snow! What else would we expect in February?

Power lines are down all over the place and most schools are closed today. We got a snow storm over night. It was beautiful which means it was destructive. I’m getting to this very early because power is going out all around me.

Although this started out as rain in my area, by early evening the changeover to snow had been complete and by nine last night, tree limbs were bent down to the ground.

There’s a lot of snow on those limbs this morning and the weight is taking them down across power lines throughout the region. The storm has ended here, but it left very heavy, wet snow in its wake.

I did get a call from Gator Wife indicating she had gotten to her part time job this morning, but she said the driving was very rough and the parking lot where she works was very treacherous. She asked me to stay in.

Gator Golden loves being outside as she looks around at all the freshly fallen snow.

Gator Daughter has checked in. To use her word, the roads “soouck”. She agreed with GW…I’d better not venture out. As you have read, if I fall, there’s an excellent chance I’ll break something.

It certainly is pretty outside.

You know how I occasionally like to mention commercials we see on TV. I’m fascinated with them although I’ve never sent for anything. I must admit that there have been some temptations that have caused me to pause and give it a thought. But then I wonder why most of those “As seen on TV” products aren’t available in stores. Some are, of course, and there are stores that have complete sections of such products.

But they try to make us believe that the offer is only available if you give up your credit card number or checking account number to a complete stranger. Perhaps most of them are actually very legitimate, but I suspect most are just junk. I know the few items I have seen “in real life” in the stores were nothing I would want.

A few weeks ago a worker in a place I had to visit and I got talking about some of those commercials. She told me she had bought the ShamWow! towel/sponge. And she said she really did say, “Wow!” when she used it.

When the huckster showed up on our TV over the weekend, I decided to watch it more carefully, keeping in mind what that worker had told me. Boy! Does that advertisement come close to being a sham without the wow. Next time it’s on, watch it carefully.

There’s one scene where the guy demonstrating it takes a small piece of carpet and pours some liquid, soda I think, on it. There’s so much it soaks right through the rug. He lifts the piece to show us how saturated it is and a big puddle of liquid that came through the sample. He then quickly replaces the square, grabs his product, and in a flash has it all cleaned up.

This is where you should watch. You will notice that when he replaces the square back on the table, the puddle is no longer there. He magically presses his product into the carpet, then squeezes all the liquid out to show us the miracle of the product. Only there was nothing under the sample to squeegee out.

I quickly lost interest in that product.

While on the TV subject, I have a question. For what seems like an eternity but at least several years, the promotional announcements on Channel 26 (USA Network on Time Warner Cable) all end with either “characters wanted” or “characters welcome.” I’m not sure which. I guess that goes to show you how effective it has been here. Now my question: What on Earth does it mean?

Last week when we had a little storm, mostly rain here, I had wanted to take pictures but the battery in my camera had ended its charged tour of duty. Thursday I found a battery on the internet for much less than I’d have to pay locally. I don’t buy too much on line because I don’t like to put my credit card information out there.

But I needed a second battery and the price was right so I ordered it. That was Thursday. Thursday night I got an e-mail from the camera company that the battery had been mailed and got a USPS tracking number. That evening I checked the USPS tracking site and learned my battery had left that local facility. Friday night that site informed me it had arrived and had left the Scarborough distribution center. I interpreted that to mean it was on the truck for Saturday delivery.

Sure enough, Saturday’s mail came and there was my package. That, my friends, is just absolute superior service. I think has become my new favorite on line site.


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