Friday, June 25, 2010

A Service Guy Who Puts the Customer First

The first day of this final June Weekend will be a rather nice day, but we're getting some mixed signals about Saturday and Sunday. As I understand it, we may get some showers, possibly thunder showers, either day along with some sunshine.

I'm hoping it will be a lot of sunshine but without the mugginess we had recently. Gator Daughter says she's going to pay off one of her promised Father's Day presents. Each year she give a sort of combination Father's Day and Mother's Day gift of an annual car polishing to both Gator Wife and me. She says she'd like to work that in either Saturday or Sunday.

Another of her Father's Day gifts that seldom gets given on the day itself is the trimming of the green bushes in the front of the house. Now if she or GW were here right now, I could ask just what those green bushes are called. As I've explained over the last couple of years, that outside stuff is out of my realm. It's really quite simple; there's the lawn. Some flowers, green bushes and trees are also abundant. We also have veggies.

The green bushes grow to look real scraggly this time of year and GD annually digs out the electric trimmer and makes them look nice for us. Over the years, she's become a really good green bush trimmer.

I was sort of less than nice about my comments in my last post about the waiting and service I got from the cable company and then mentioned another service guy was coming Wednesday. Actually two of them came to sweep my chimney and clean my fireplace. They arrived right on time, bright and early. The head of the crew who has been here each year and knows the system pretty well, started off with a close inspection of the fireplace. Then he peered up the chimney. He went into the cellar for the view of the full chimney from bottom to top, the climbed on the wet roof for a view down.

So far, no sweeping or other cleaning. Ten minutes after he arrived he came to me in the living room. "See you next year," he said. "You're all set for next winter. Just keep burning like you've done the last couple of years." We burn kiln dried hard wood and burn it hot. It's also at least two years old.

"Wow!" I exclaimed. "You haven't done anything."

"I possibly could get a small fistful of stuff out of there, but it really doesn't need any work."

"And how much do I owe you for this inspection?"

He really kept a happy customer when he explained, "Mr. Gator Dude, your business is important to me and I want to keep you as a customer. I didn't do anything so there'll be no charge."

No charge for a service call. You can bet that after next season's burning it'll be A-Top Chimney Sweep in South Portland that gets my call. There's a young man, along with his associate, who puts his customer first and values the importance of good service.

I'm not sure I can say that about the cable company, except the cost of service of their equipment is included in the price of the service.

I hope you have a super weekend and find this first weekend of the real summer to your liking.


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