Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It's a slow time

I knew summer would be slow.  I'm not sure I expected it to be as slow as it is, however.  Thinking of stuff about which to write isn't easy when one is really just enjoying living.  I had said right after the June 8th Primaries that I'd stay away from mentioning politics until Labor Day and, except for one little moment, I've stuck to that.

Gator Wife and I have taken just one short trip so far this summer so I don't have travel to mention.  We are considering taking another one later on to Branson, Missouri, but we're only in the thinking/planning stage for that one.

GW works four mornings a week so that cuts down on day trip activities.  Gator Daughter comes over weekends so I get a chance to mention that.  Gator Golden is just Gator Golden.  There's a picture of her just below a bit.

I guess that's just the way is for an older person in his mid-70s. 

I've mentioned several times about the various critters around here knowing the boundary of Gator Golden's territory.  She's bound by an Invisible Fence.  The critters stay just beyond the wire and sort of dare her to come after them. 

The other day a chipmunk sat on a bridge across a brook separating our property and our neighbors'.  The little guy had seen Gator Golden and just sat there as if daring GG to come to the bridge.  Of course she couldn't as it was beyond her wire line.

But that chipmunk did hold GG's attention for a while.  She'd stand in one place for a few minutes, move a few feet to another, and then creep to the line, but wouldn't cross her safe zone.  She entertained us for several minutes before the chipmunk had enough.  Actually, the little critter fled the scene when I moved to try to get GG and her nemesis in the picture together.

Nevertheless, here's GG standing very attentive waiting for another move by the chipmunk.

Next up for us all, a nice, happy Fourth of July Holiday Weekend.


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Anonymous said...

You mean to say that she can stop moving around for short periods of time? She is a beauty. That is a wonderful picture-- a real keeper!
Enjoy lunch today,