Friday, June 4, 2010

The first weekend in June

I still can't get over how fast these weeks seem to just fly by.  It seems like this past week just began.  People told me when I retired 14 years ago that the older one gets, the faster time passes.  That was an honest assessment.  That leaves us with another weekend.  I count all weekends as three day ones beginning with Friday.  Truth be known, my weekends are actually seven days long.

The Friday portion shouldn't have bad weather and at least one forecast called for developing sunshine.  Saturday might be the rainiest day of the three while Sunday was still on the fence as I pen this.  It would be great if we could return to the nice weekend weather of the last month.

I would be very surprised if we didn't get a plethora of candidate phone calls throughout the weekend.  This should be the final push time for the eleven people, four Democrats and seven Republicans, who are seeking their party's nomination for governor.  I also wouldn't be surprised if the candidates or their representatives weren't out walking neighborhoods drumming up votes.  Probably not many, if any, would make it to my house, though, as I live at the end of a very long driveway.

It might be too late for the pollsters with the election itself coming Tuesday. 

There has been extremely little push for the bond questions on the ballot.  The State hopes you'll approve putting us another several hundred million dollars in debt.  But if there has been very much publicity either way about those bonds, I've missed most of it.  I have seen a couple stories on the TV giving brief explanations of the proposed spending.

There has been a little more activity over the repeal of the new tax switch law pass at the end of the last Legislature.  Not much doubt on how I feel about that one.  I've already voted "YES" to prevent all those (102) new goods and services subject to the sales tax from taking effect. 

Any calls and visits to either Gator Wife or me will be wasted, however.  As I said in another post, we both have already cast our ballots.

The Clan's Plans are subject to the daily weather.  We'll make our decisions on just what we'll do when we look outside first thing each morning.  I hope you have a super weekend.


*****Please take the time to vote, either in person or by absentee ballot, on Tuesday.*****

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