Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I've filled my obligation. I hope you will, too.

I'm pleased to say that I've accomplished my civic duty and have cast my ballot in absentia for my choice of Republican candidate for governor and my yea or nay on the various bond issues and the referendum question concerning taxes.  Probably it's not hard to guess how I voted on them.

I sincerely hope everyone either votes by absentee ballot or in person next Tuesday.  Unfortunately too many good Maine citizens do not take the time to vote leaving important choices of who will lead us through the next four years, how the state will collect our taxes, and various spending choices to just a handful, usually the party faithful, of residents.

That is true no matter which party you favor, which candidate in your party will lead, or how you feel about taxes and bonds.  Consider that with a modest turnout at the last general election we have a governor who garnered a paltry 38% of those who took the time to vote.

It amazes me how many people can't take the time to vote but then complain vociferously about their government after the elections.  A poll released yesterday indicated there are more "undecided" than "decideds" today.  Therefore, it is extremely imperative everyone gets out to vote by next Tuesday.  At least when I praise or complain, I have already participated in the process.  I hope you will, too.

Speaking of the process, and let me begin by saying that I did not vote for him, but I think Les Otten has done a remarkable job turning one negative into a whole campaign supporting him.  A few weeks ago another Republican candidate had an ad that tore into that candidate's perception of Otten's accomplishments. 

Since then Otten's campaign has evolved into a series of ads challenging what many perceived as a an attack ad.  Watching one of Otten's ads today would lead one to believe that all other candidates have resorted to the negative attacks and he alone is running a clean campaign.  I think his promotional director has done a remarkable job taking advantage of that negative ad.

Unfortunately for Otten and fortunately for me, I had made up my mind long before that stuff began and when I voted yesterday, I hadn't been swayed.

I don't respond too well for those telephone polls.  I got another one Monday and I'd agree I was rather rude to young sounding man trying to do his job.  But then I'd say he was kind of rude interrupting the peace of my home on a holiday.  I think it's those unwanted calls that irk me more than anything else.

He did identify his polling company and he was a real voice, not a computer.  I know he was real simply because we had some dialogue.

"Are you aware there will be voting for governor next Tuesday?"

"You are wrong.  Maine will not be voting for a governor next Tuesday."

"Oh, yes you will.  It's the state's primaries."

"Yes.  We will be nominating a candidate to run for governor next November.  We will not be voting for governor next Tuesday."

"Well, are you a registered Republican or a registered Democrat?"


"And which are you?"

"I'm a registered Republican or a registered Democrat."

"Well, who will you be voting for governor?"

"No one.  I'll be voting to nominate a candidate to run next November."

"Thank you for your time."

"It'll be interesting to read the results of this poorly phrased poll."

He hung up.  Can't say I blame him.


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