Friday, June 18, 2010

Father's Day Weekend

The weather forecast sure does hint that this is going to be one rather warm weekend.  Both Friday and Saturday could see temperatures hitting 90 somewhere in Maine or New Hampshire.  Even here along the Maine coast those readings will be rather high.

Sunday, according to the people who know at least Thursday night, will also be warm with readings in the high 80s or higher.  But Sunday could be tempered a bit with some shower activity.

Sunday is also the day we dads get celebrated.

The heat will determine what Gator Wife and Gator Daughter do outdoors this weekend.  I know they have some projects planned in conjunction with their gardens, but they won't work too hard in the heat.  That's O.K. with me.  I'd rather have them healthy and comfortable than feel they just have to get some work done.

I do believe they will prepare a feast fit for a king for Sunday for Father's Day feasting.  Probably it will consist of grilled chicken, rolls, and potato chips. 

I've started a new computer project.  As you may recall, my "main" computer got some nasty  bug or something several weeks ago.  It has been replaced.  I have a very old computer still on my home network, but it doesn't like to play nicely, either.  It's just old with an old operating system.  The parts are old, too, so it also can't be updated to a modern system.  That leaves it for preparation for the Old Computer Resting Grounds. 

It will be replaced with my former "main" computer.  That's part of the project.  I will be reformatting the hard drive and reinstalling its XP Pro operating system.  I'm not sure just what programs I'll add to it as my plans right now are for it to become some sort of a server or more likely, a backup device.  No hurry to figure that one out, but all the little germs that somehow got onto it will be cleaned off with the rebuilding of the hard drive.  I hope.

I haven't used anything on the old one being eliminated in years; but just to be sure there was nothing on it, I decided to see if it would still boot and look at the files there.  It booted.  I know the hard drive had been backed up, especially the data files, but the backup disks were put in one of those places we reserve for special things so we'll know exactly where they are.  They're still there.

I decided to make new ones (and I'll know where that special place is when I store the new ones) even though the programs that created the data have long gone by and, even if I had the original program disks, they probably wouldn't work on my W-7 computers.  As I think about it, they might work on the XP machine I'm rebuilding.

I did come across two precious slide shows, however, that I had forgotten I'd made.  One is of my granddaughter when she was only three or four years old and the other was of Gator Golden, my Golden Retriever, in the first six months of her life.  They'll definitely get resaved and, since they're in .pdf (Adobe) format, I think they'll work just fine.  I'll soon know.

This computer project will take a little time to accomplish as I'm in no hurry.  Neither computer is in use right now; one can't be and the other is just plain old.  I think I said that.  But it will give this old mind of mine something to keep it occupied.  And that's a good thing.

I hope all you dads have a super Father's Day Sunday.  I know I will.


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