Thursday, June 10, 2010

Gator Golden goes on a sleep over.

It's a Thursday, which means my lawn is weather dependant once again.  I'm getting rather tired of all the darned lawn mowing I've had to do this year.  It seems like it all started way back during that first week in April.  Oh, gosh, it did.  Here it is the second week in June and I think I've mowed more this year than  last year.  I have, of course, but only because it all started so darn early.

Gator Daughter is on vacation this week so she'll help out.  Her trip around the yard is to spread the fertilizer.  As I've mentioned before, I use the Scott's four step plan and it's time for the second step.  I do have a spreader to haul behind my tractor, but she has the pattern down to perfection and she can reach back to turn the spreader on and off easier than I.

Gator Golden is spending a day or two with her sister to give the fertilizer and weed control stuff a chance to work into ground before the dogs get eating that grass.  GG will be coming home either late tomorrow afternoon or Saturday.  The two dogs get along fabulously so the togetherness for a couple of days bothers neither.  GG has even learned over the years that when we ask her if she'd like a sleep-over with her sister, she will be spending time away from home and immediately runs to the window to watch for GD to come to pick her up.

There's another signal she also understands.  GG has two collars, the invisible fence one and a travel one that has her license, rabies tag, and identification tag.  That one jingles. GG also understands that when we get out the jingling collar, she's going for a ride in the car.  The dog goes foolish when she gets a chance to go for a ride and not be left behind. 

GG really tries to put us on a guilt trip when we prepare to leave the yard without her.  Unfortunately, it's a trip we have to take frequently.  She also understands the magic words, "We're going to a store," means she's staying home, too.

We'll miss the pup during her absence, but she'll probably only forget who we are.


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