Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A rather bland mid week

This is, as they say, a quiet week in the Gator household.  Tuesday was a busy day, but certainly uneventful.  The practically humidity free weather allowed me to have a real good workout to start the day at the senior fitness place.

That low humidity also provided for a dry start on the lawn, so by nine o'clock I was riding my tractor around the lawn.  That task takes me two hours to complete, but the lawn was dry so Gator Wife and I headed out.  She does some trimming while I mow.

I am getting very tired of mowing this season already, but I must admit a newly mowed lawn, especially when it's mostly a green one, is a beautiful sight.

I remember when a service call was scheduled almost at a specific time, certainly within a half hour frame.  Not any more, I guess.  Now that window is four hours.  Imagine, a company keeping a customer waiting for up to four hours.  That was my predicament Tuesday afternoon.  We had scheduled the cable company to come by to fix a freezing/gurgling picture.

The technician arrived just before 5.  After running all his tests and stuff, he determined there was nothing wrong.  He even climbed the pole to check the connection there.  Still nothing wrong.  I sure do wish he had been here during a Red Sox game, or a College World Series game.  He'd have seen plenty wrong.  He left about 5:45.

None of that is worth mentioning as most of us have been through it; but it was the follow up survey that got to me.  The guy arrived just before the window slammed and left about an hour later.  GW and I then fixed our evening meal and enjoyed the evening conversation while we ate.  We finished just about in time to watch the weather report.  When it was finished, we returned to the kitchen to clean up left overs and dishes.

We had only watched the weather report.  The phone rang and it was a robocall from the cable company with a survey on the technician visit.  As you know, robocalls don't allow any interaction or explanation except to press 1 or 2 or some other choice.  Question #1 wanted to know if all my services, cable, phone, and internet, were working properly.  Press 1 for yes or 2 for no.  Those were my choices.

I've only watched the weather.  Obviously my phone was working.  But were the three service O.K.?  Didn't know, but there was no 3 for didn't know.  Or 4 to leave a message.  I tried to tell the robot that the techie had left only 45 minutes earlier and we'd fixed and eaten supper following that.  I pressed nothing and the robot said that was an unacceptable answer and to try again.  Same question, same incomplete choices, same response from me.

Unacceptable, said the robot and said we would try again.  Not in this lifetime.  I hung up.

Do the services work?  Phone works fine.  Internet works fine.  But both did before the service call.  How about that TV picture breakup (a technician who was here last year called in "Pixelizing.")  and the sound gurgling.  Too soon to answer than one.

Another service person was scheduled for Wednesday morning.  He will leave without difficulty.  We're getting our annual chimney sweep.

Other than that, the Gators' Wednesday and Thursday will be event free.  There is nothing on our schedule except as noted.

Remind me to tell you sometime my opinion of that really awful Maine State Lottery commercial on the TV where a pretty young woman is singing something.  I have no idea what, but it sounds like all she's doing is repeating "La La Lottery" over and over.  It certainly wouldn't entice me to buy a ticket.  But then, I don't buy lottery tickets anyway.

And finally, the College Baseball World Series in underway.  The two teams picked by most to be in the final chanpionship series won't be.  The Florida Gators were the first team to be sent home losing their first two (and only) games.  The second team to head home was the #1 seed, both in the final season poll and in the seeding for the CWS, Arizona State.  So much for the "experts'" opinions.


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