Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Finally, it's the day to vote!

The first half of the election season comes to an end today and by this day's end we should know which Republican and which Democrat will join three Independents on the November gubernatorial ballot.  It won't be until then before we'll know just who our next governor will be.

Party nominees for both the First and Second District Congressional Districts will be determined, but I think there's only one candidate for each party in both districts.

We also should know how the six ballot questions will end.  Voters will be asked if they want to repeal a tax change law passed by the last Legislature or allow that measure to become law.  We'll also be deciding five bond issues designed to bring money into state coffers with the taxpayers paying off the loans in the next several years.

Many local communities will also be electing party representatives to vie for the next Legislature.  Like the governor's race, final choices won't be known until the general election in November.

At least one community, Scarborough, will be voting to accept the town's school budget or sending it back to the School Committee for another revamping.  It was defeated once before.  There may be other cities or towns in the same position or with local questions of their own.

For all of this to be meaningful we all must participate.  Sure, there will be results if only a very few voters actually go to the polls.  But if we want our decisions to be truly reflective of our feelings, we need to have as many voters as possible exercise this basic right and obligation of being an American.

Renmember, we only get the government we choose and moaning about the choices because only 25-35 percent of the people voted accomplishes nothing.

I remember when these Primaries were held in September and we only to put up with all the campaigning stuff for two months.  I think I'll simply wait until Labor Day to make more comments on the November elections. 

My final words...I've already voted...If you haven't cast your ballot yet, today is the last day to do it.


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