Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thursday has arrived!

Thursday is here and I’ve just completed perhaps one of the best exercise sessions I’ve ever had at my Senior Fitness program place. That stuff I normally complain about aching and hurting didn’t this morning so it was just a little more vigorous workout. I felt really good, tired but good, when I left there this morning.

From what the weather gal said on the Telly this morning, we’re in for a rather nice day today with temperatures reading into the 40s. She said the north and mountains did have a chance of some rain or snow or both this afternoon. Here on my little patch of Earth the temperature is just a tick below 40 this morning. From what she said, though, it would appear this will be the last “warm” day for quite a while.

This might be a good place to stop reading this morning.

I’m just a little bit anxious on this day today. And so this message will rather short. You see, the beginning of a decision begins today. My cardiologist has told me I should consider an implanted device to help control my heart. He set me up for a consultation with a heart surgeon. My first appointment is today.

It will be only the beginning. He’ll evaluate all the tests I’ve had in the past year, maybe do his own, listen, and then talk with me about my options. One of them, of course, will be to forget the whole business. There is also the possibility that after his initial evaluation, he’ll decide I’m not a candidate for such a device.

If we are to go forward, then there’ll be other consultations I’ll make myself. Among them will be a visit with my primary care physician, the one whose hands I’ve been in for a very long time. He’s the leader of the team of five doctors (one of them now retired) who has kept me alive for the past six years. I will want his honest opinion before I move on.

My cardiologist says if I get the implant, called Implant Cardiac Defibrillator or ICD, I have a chance of living a few more minutes. In fact, if I should happen to have an incident in, for example, a department store, the device would take over and perhaps save me.

Depending on the outcome of today’s meeting, you may be reading about heart disease and one way to treat it.



Sheepish Annie said...

I'll think good thoughts for you. I hear good things about the cardiac implants and all they can do.

GiM said...

Thank you, SA. I need all the good thoughts I can get, but this first visit only led to more tests.