Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Back to the old grind--sort of!

The series of storms is giving us a little break today, but the temperature gods certainly are not. If you don’t have your yard clean by now, you will be able to get outside today to perhaps get it finished. But it will be cold out there. According to the morning weather reports, a little snow will begin falling again tonight, but, unlike the weekend blizzards, this one will turn to freezing rain and then rain by tomorrow morning. Some serious rain could fall in most of Maine during the day tomorrow and tomorrow night.

It should all be out of here by Christmas Day.

Today is a little milestone for me. For the first time in nearly a week, my cardiologist says I can drive a car today. He also gave me the OK to go to my Senior Fitness session at a physical therapy place. He did suggest I take it a little easy there, even though he likes the idea of the exercise. But he doesn’t want me to exacerbate the condition of my heart.

So I went. Under the circumstances, I think I had a good session. I only skipped one of the exercises that have been designed for me. That was the side leg lifts, not one of my favorites anyway. I wasn’t told not to do them, only decrease the weight a little. I’m afraid I succumbed to temptation and just didn’t do them at all.

My rationale was simple. Aren’t all rationales simple? My heart procedures last week started in my groin and I didn’t want to take a chance of slowing the healing process. Shucks, it’s virtually all healed and the reduced weights would have been OK. I just didn’t want to do them.

I did attempt my other less than favorite exercise, standing on that blasted half round ball to work on my balance. I didn’t stay on it the full time, though. My other exercises are all involving the use of weights and I did reduce the weights a little. They were done with relative ease.

The next session would normally be Thursday, but that’s a holiday and the center is closed. In all fairness, I wouldn’t go on the holiday anyway, so Senior Fitness is now on hold for a full week.

Gator Wife will spend most of today in a resting mode. Many local businesses and families like to hold Holiday Get-togethers, sort of parties if you will, on Christmas Eve Day. The place where GW works makes food platters and this is the busiest single time of the year. The company has orders for dozens on platters for tomorrow so GW will join three others for an “all-nighter” to have them ready.

That means she goes to work tonight at 10 and works through the night. She’ll get home tomorrow morning about six, the time she would normally have reported for work on a Wednesday. The good part of that is she has already taken Friday off as part of her vacation time, so when she gets home tomorrow morning, she’ll be home until next Monday.

I’m going out on a little limb here to tell you what I think my Fearless Friend considers to be a happy story. I don’t have his permission to share it, but he won’t be angry long. I told you several days ago that both of us were going through anxiety waits for bodily procedures. He got the word yesterday that his is a “go” and a January date has been set.

FF has had to admit that getting into the seventh decade has drawbacks, but fortunately the one he faces has a good solution. He has developed cataracts. FF is the type of guy that reads incessantly. Or at least he did until his eyes no longer could stand the type. He has also noticed many other drawbacks, such as the difficulty of night driving, watching TV, and just about everything involving the eyes.

So, he’s heading for cataract removal next month. Both of us have friends who have had this operation and we know it’s generally painless, easy, and relatively quick. When it’s over and the eyes have healed, he’ll be able to see better than ever. And that’s a good thing.

Christmas Week continues. We do have some more precipitation heading our way, but nothing like the record breaking foot plus of snow we had over the weekend. For you last minute shopping folk, you might want to consider moving that minute up to today to avoid getting wet late tomorrow.


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