Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Golden Smile!

A Gator Golden Beautiful Smile

First a moment of truth: This portion of the today’s post was written last night, but I’ve mentioned on many occasions that Golden Gator smiles. I’ve been trying for several days to get a picture of that smile, but always when she sees the camera, any smile halts and she heads immediately to see what that thing pointing at her is.

Last night I got her so excited about it being supper time, which absolutely always brings smiles, that she lost track of what the right hand was doing. I didn’t have to see her in the screen to be sure I had her on camera as this new one of mine sends out a focus beam and when I saw it on her face, I knew I had the picture.

The uninitiated might argue that what you’re seeing here is not a beautiful smile but rather is a vicious snarl. I’ll grant there is a fine line between the two, but GG will be growling before she snarls, and I think I’ve only heard that kind of a growl once or twice. Most of the time her growling sounds are her way of showing pleasure with whatever is happening.

I don’t think she has a vicious bone in her body. Even when we are playing with or making of her sister, Gator Daughter’s Golden Retriever, GG will either just totally ignore us or go over to play with GD. Even when she lightly growls at GD because GD is annoying her sister, GG draws more laughs than anything else.

I remember one time when a UPS truck came into our yard. As the driver was climbing out, GG raced over and smiled at him. I quickly assured him she was only smiling and not vicious, but he just laughed and continued to climb down. He said he too had a smiling Golden and knew exactly what she was doing. GG also knows that UPS drivers carry little doggy treats and GG quickly became a very happy pup.

When clearing her smile, she sneezes. And sneezes. And sneezes. What you see here is her clearing last night’s supper time smiles.

Clearing the smiles with a big sneeze

I wrote at the beginning that I was writing this portion of today’s post Monday night. It turned out to be longer than I had anticipated, so it’s turning out to be the whole post. We’ll just assume that today’s Senior Fitness went well and that last night’s weather forecast was correct; we’ll have some relatively nice weather today.

I hope you enjoyed this tale of a Golden Smile.



Anonymous said...

That smile was worth the wait. Thanks for showing us such a happy GG.

GiM said...

Thank you. I'm a little prejudiced, but I think it's really beautiful.