Friday, December 26, 2008

It's the day after Christmas.

What a great day yesterday was! I love Christmas and this year I wasn’t let down. None of us had anything unexpected on the tree so it’s not the presents that get me excited. I just love having Gator Daughter, Gator Wife, the two dogs and the Old Gatorman together for a day dedicated just to our family.

I think about the only thing that could have made it better would have been have our son and his family here to celebrate with us. But that’s not possible as he, his wife, and daughter all live in a West Coast state. None of us have the money to travel, so we have to rely on the old telephone for a short visit. And a wonderful visit it was.

GW and I had our turkey in the oven by nine. GD and her pup arrived about 9:15 and the meal preparations began in earnest. The ladies created what turned out to be delicious pies and I prepared the dinner rolls for the meal.

We opened our stockings that Santa had filled sometime during the night. As we had expected, the pups (they’re five years old) got all excited over their stockings. After we assisted them in getting the toys and doggy treats out of them, they each picked a toy to play with while we attacked our stockings and presents.

GD put her dog’s toys in the basket she used to transport her presents over her. And that’s when Gator Golden decided the grass was greener elsewhere. She raided her sister’s toys even though both dogs received identical presents. Their four year tradition of entertaining themselves with their toy of choice came to an end. There was no animosity between the animals, but when GG ‘stole’ a toy from her sister’s pile, sis decided she wanted one of GG’s. I must say their antics were far funnier than what this description may read like.

I counted two items I had gotten earlier this month as Christmas presents, so I made out like a bandit. I had gotten a new camera/phone, a goal I had for several months, and a new camera to replace one that had taken its last picture. Since their purchases were so close to Christmas, it seemed only natural to include at least their empty boxes on the tree.

GW received a present that will be hers exclusively, especially since I’ll never use it. I got her a new riding thing that she can sit on and move around her gardens without having to get on her knees. She did have one, but its wheels were only about three, inches in diameter and when the ground was soft, it was hard to move while on it. Her new one accomplishes the same thing, but the wheels are 10” pneumatic ones. As you know, I don’t do outdoors so she has an exclusive.

After denuding the tree of gifts, the gals set out to finish off the veggies, etc., for the meal and I put my rolls, and a loaf of bread, into bake. Everything came out perfectly as the food all finished being cooked within minutes of each other. And it was one heckuva meal.

GD headed home late afternoon and all the cleaning up was finished. I think she went home to do the same thing GW and I did here. We found our mud puddle.

Since the few pieces of clothing exchanged all fit, none of us need to make a trip to a store today, so that’s good. We do have one task to accomplish, though. By the end of this day, our Christmas tree will have been packed away to honor our living room another year.

I hope you had a great day, too.


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