Saturday, December 20, 2008

A snowy weekend

The weekend is upon us once again. But this weekend is just a little different than most we’ve had in the last several months. We have snow. Lots of snow. Probably enough will have fallen to all but assure us of a White Christmas. We’ll have to hope the expected rain Christmas Eve won’t wash it all away.

Friday night was the second of three good snow storms that were expected. The first was Wednesday, and although we did get a goodly amount of snow, our area of the path didn’t suffer quite the wrath that others did. The plows were out early, but yard only got two or three inches. Thankfully my neighbor Ed helps us out a little with his plow truck.

Taken just before dawn, this is what the front of my house looked like. That pile of snow is on a bush. Because of my mobility/balance problems, I don't venture into this stuff which is why most of my pictures are from my front porch.

I do have a snow blower on my tractor, but some mitigating circumstances this week are preventing me from using it. Ed and his wife are those great neighbors that everyone should have. They never hesitate to help out when their old folk neighbors, we’re the only neighbors they have, need some assistance. And so it was with the Wednesday storm.

He was here before dawn this morning, actually before two AM, to plow our yard. Gator Golden announced his arrival with a light growl that something outside was different. I should point out that Ed has several plow customers so he starts early to get everyone out, including us. His work left Gator Wife with only the two porches to clean and they are small. She also cleans the deck so she can get out to our compost bin and to keep some weight off the deck.

Of course, Gator Golden has to check out where Ed's plow truck went.
Southern Maine got the brunt of the latest storm. The weather gal on Ch. 6 this morning reeled off the depth in several communities. If I remember correctly, Sanford got a big hit, about 10 inches, while Portland had six. It looks to me like we got a little less at our home.

More snow is forecast for Sunday and so all the cleaning needs to be repeated. A problem is the storm Sunday is forecast to be the biggest of the three. Ed’s got a monster that rids the driveway of the snow and he’s done it for years. It’s almost a show in itself to watch him maneuver that truck. But those porches and the deck will give GW a good excuse to head to bed early Sunday night. The Ch. 6 report this morning indicated there is a possibility Sunday’s snow will turn to freezing rain or even rain close to the coast, but the rest of the area could get up to 10 more inches.

And there’s a good chance all the cleaning will have to be repeated Monday.
Also from the front porch, we take a look down our very long driveway.
There are times when a grown man feels just a little inadequate. This weekend is one of those times and I truly feel sorry that I cannot help GW with the yard cleanup. I have serious heart disease and my cardiologist has me on some limitations at least until Tuesday, and possibly until I have a cardiac defibrillator (ICD) implanted as soon as it can be arranged. Meanwhile, I can’t do much to help out my wife, and that’s a Big Bother.

Christmas week begins. And it looks like it could be an old-fashioned white one. I hope you remain safe and well this snowy weekend and know your own limits when your shoveling begins. I’ll be back Monday.


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