Saturday, December 6, 2008

A Gator Weekend (Fla 31, Ala 20)

NCAA National Championship Game, Jan. 8, 2009:
Oklahoma Sooners vs. Florida Gators
Edited, 8:30 PM, Sun., Dec. 7th

Already a weekend is here again. This one does have some significance as Sunday is the anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the day that went down in infamy. I wasn’t very old in 1941 and I’m really not sure if I remember the day or if my memory has been helped by reading about it since. I do remember the war that the bombing drew America into.

Hawaii is the only state that Gator Wife and I haven’t visited and the prospects of our ever getting their dim with each passing day. But if I were to go, you can bet one of the places I’d visit would be the Pearl Harbor Memorial. I haven’t checked the TV listings for this weekend, but I’d be surprised if the tube isn’t filled with Pearl Harbor and old WW II films.

The weather people tell us we may see a little light snow Sunday. Just how much remains to be determined because, like all storms forecast for this area, “It depends on the track.” Southern Maine could get anywhere from none to three inches, depending on whom you listen to. I’m prepared, though. If it does give us any depth, my tractor snow thrower is at the ready. If it should be in the four or more inches variety, my neighbor will be ready with his snow plow.

At this time of year, however, more often than not nothing has to be done. If it does snow Sunday, the chances would be good it would all be gone by day’s end Monday. I’d like to have a dollar for every time I’ve shoveled or used a snow blower or thrower over the years only to have the melting snow almost beat me to the cleaning up. On the other hand, folklore says that if the storm turns to rain, then nearly all our storms this winter will turn to rain. That, of course, depends on whether this becomes an official winter storm.

The Gator Group doesn’t have much planned for this weekend. Of course Saturday one of us will be glued to the TV from four o’clock into the early evening for the Florida/Alabama SEC Championship Game. In all probability the winner of the game will play for the NCAA National Championship in January. Alabama is undefeated this season and the #1 ranked team in the country.


Gator Daughter will spend some time with us Saturday as she and Gator Wife will continue with their seasonal cooking (candy making). Sunday’s activity and possible visit will depend entirely on the weather.

One of my faithful regulars likes me to include a picture of Gator Golden. So here it is:

She’s just chock full of energy this morning.

That’s it for this weekend. I hope you have a great one and we’ll be back bright and early Monday morning.



Anonymous said...

On a cold day keeping a low profile by a warm heater looks like a good thing. She looks to be setting a good example for her owners on a very cold morning.
The game will be on here too. GO GATORS!

GiM said...

She's rather perturbed with me for not opening the breezeway door on this cold morning. That's where she really wants to be.

Yeah! Go Gators!