Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Just a simple ramble!

This Wednesday has gotten off in an interesting way. First the temperature at my house was well into the 40s when Gator Wife and I arose and now, a couple hours later, it has crossed into the 50s. Drizzle remains, if the back of Gator Golden was any indication when she came back in this morning.

I watched the weather forecast in three different places this morning, and they weren’t exactly in agreement, although not too far apart. The consensus seems to be that we’ve the potential for a pretty good storm heading our way for late Thursday into Friday. One of the stations indicated there was a chance that we’d get icy conditions from the impending storm.

That storm is developing today off the southern coast and the warm weather will bring a lot of rain toward us. The kicker is, though, another very cold mass is heading our way from Canada. So the race appears to be on. Another of the stations indicated that snow could begin in northern Maine beginning late tomorrow afternoon and slowly move its way toward the coast.

It looks like it’s going to be an interesting Thursday and Friday, and I guess even today might try to get into the mix. Selfishly, only tomorrow morning could affect me personally, although my daughter will have to travel to work and her home both Thursday and Friday and GW will have to make the round trip to her work place Friday. That always causes me to worry until I hear from them that they have arrived at either place safely.

As I said, I could be affected only tomorrow as travel conditions could affect my trip to my Senior Fitness place. Because of my unstable balance, I don’t venture out of the house if slippery conditions could lead to my falling. If I fall, I probably would break something so I stay at home when conditions that could lead to falling exist.

Before you say how foolish this is, I recognize that someone could fall anytime in any conditions. The difference with me is that I don’t want to invite that fall.

Here are a couple bits and pieces for a Wednesday, which really means I don’t have anything particular I want to rant about. First, for you who read yesterday, my trip to the doctor was a huge success. As I had hoped, he talked to me in English, told me of some of his patients, no names of course, that have the ICD and their success with the device. He answered all my questions openly and honestly, at least it sure did seem that way, and I left with a much more positive feeling about the potential operation.

At one point he said that the device tries to prevent instant death with a heart rate using a technical term I’m not even going to try to repeat here. I said to him that I wasn’t sure I like the talk of death. “Why not?” he asked. “You’ve been there and look at you now. It doesn’t seem to have stopped you.”

I saw a very old former TV show over the weekend. It was an episode of the original Knight Rider series. There was a line in the show that I just loved. The hero had a gun pointed at another person who begged, “Please don’t shoot me. I have a dog at home.”

I hope you stay dry today and be careful the next few days.


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