Friday, December 19, 2008

There's some snow in our future!

I’m not going to spend a lot of time discussing heart disease today. But you have read that I was in the hospital yesterday having what has turned out to be the final test before a decision on an Implanted Cardiac Defibrillator (ICD) is made. My heart is not in good condition and an ICD will be implanted in four to six weeks. Leading up to that event, I will give some specifics on heart disease and how it has affected me. In the meantime, this is the happiest season of the year, and so we’ll try to make our postings here consistent with that season.

We are in a happy season, but I’m not sure later today and especially Sunday into Monday will be very happy. Except, perhaps, for skiers, snowboarders, and other really outdoors people. The problem is that four letter word: snow.

The storm we had just the other day wasn’t too bad. Today’s could leave up to four or more inches, but that one coming in late Sunday could leave a foot or more inland and just a little less along the coast. Now tell me that isn’t an exciting thought.

Gee, Gatorman, I thought this was going to be happy. Well, golly, some people really like snow.

We’re told that today’s storm will begin sometime this afternoon. Greater Portland this morning was in the National Weather Service’s “Storm Watch” area, but York County was in the “Storm Warning” area. We got that “depends on the track” bit from the weather gal on Ch. 6 this morning. I’m not sure if she was hinting we’ll get the blast or if she thinks it may miss us by just a wee bit. In any case, we’ll probably end up with plowable snow.

Sunday’s big storm still remains a distance away and we all remember seasons past when “big” storms were forecast well in advance and then, especially in Greater Portland, just fizzled. We’ll hold off on too many comments about that one right now. Perhaps we’ll be able to have more on the Sunday storm in the weekend post.

Gee, Gatorman, I thought this was going to be happy. Well, golly, some people really like snow.

I must admit, there’s still enough “kid” left in me so that I enjoy it, too. I’m especially happy when we have honest prospects for a While Christmas. They’re the kind I grew up with, at least they’re the only ones from my early years I remember. I think this year has a good chance of once again presenting us with a “White Christmas.”

There is one downside for me this weekend. My doctor yesterday gave me some instructions to follow for the next five days. One was a lifting restriction and another was a driving restriction. That means that Gator Wife will be left with the steps/deck/front of garage cleanup if we do get snow. My neighbor Ed has a plow truck and he’ll make sure the huge bulk of our yard is cleaned up. But last time I looked, his plow was too wide for the two porches. He gets as close to the garage doors as his equipment will allow, but there’s always a little left to be cleaned up.

I can’t drive my car until next Tuesday, which, if conditions permit, will allow me to attend my Senior Fitness session. And the Doc gave me the OK to do that. Maneuvering the tractor with the snow blower is a no-no. Because of certain medications I take which affect blood flow and healing, I’m not supposed to aggravate my procedure from yesterday.

Gee, Gatorman, I thought this was going to be happy. It is. I'm a man. I love being pampered.

I hope you stay warm and dry as these weekend storms pass through. And don’t forget to check on your elderly neighbors to be sure they’re OK, too.



Unknown said...

Sounds kinda happy to me. From dentist office.

GiM said...

Thanks. It is happy. Probably not for GW, though. At least on the shoveling part.